Can I purchase a B2B contact list? Is it legal?

Purchasing a B2B contact list, or directory, is legal and in some areas it may also be legal to send unsolicited email. However Mailjet does not allow the use of these lists and sending unsolicited emails is against our Anti-Spam Policy and our Terms of Use.

The law only protects companies selling B2B databases if it contains professional data and complies with local laws. However it does not take into consideration the restrictions imposed by email providers and receiving platforms:

Gmail recommends using only opt-in addresses
Yahoo requires the use of opt-in or confirmed opt-in addresses, and CAN-SPAM compliance no matter where you are located
Hotmail does not allow unsolicited commercial emails at all
AOL requires opt-in and recommends confirmed opt-in
- Etc.

What happens if you send unsolicited emails to B2B contacts at these providers?

It’s simple - you will get blacklisted, none of your emails will get through and your Mailjet account may be suspended or terminated. Even if you have a dedicated IP, sending unsolicited emails cannot be allowed as it may lead to all our IPs being blocked.

We understand this is quite complicated and may make sending your business emails more difficult. But this is what is required to fight spam and provide better deliverability results for all our customers.

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