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In which format can we export our data?

Your contact lists and campaign statistics can be exported to a CSV file.

How do I create my first newsletter?

You can easily create your first newsletter using our online newsletter builder Passport.

How to copy or duplicate a sent campaign?

You can easily copy a sent or draft campaign using the Duplicate option.

How can I add an unsubscribe link to my newsletter?

In addition to being mandatory by law, the unsubscribe link is very helpful for you to avoid being marked as a spammer. By having a visible unsubscribe link, your recipients can easily unsubscribe from your mailings lists, otherwise they may mark your message as spam.

Do you have free newsletter templates?

Yes, we offer a gallery of free newsletter templates that you can easily customize using Passport. The best part - all templates are responsive so they will look great on a desktop or mobile device.

How can I add an attachment to a campaign?

To ensure optimum performance, our online newsletter tool does not support attachments. However you can host the file on your website (or on a service like Dropbox) and then add the download link to your campaign.

Can I remove the Mailjet logo from my campaign footer?

The Mailjet logo appears only in campaigns built using the Passport builder, and can be removed if you are on a paid plan.

How do I archive my campaign?

Archiving is an effective way of organizing your sent campaigns.

What languages are supported with Passport?

With our email template builder Passport, you can send your campaign in one of over a dozen languages!

How to create my own campaign template?

There are several ways to create your own template: 1) while designing your campaign in Passport, 2) from a previously sent campaign, or 3) copying an existing template.

How to send a re-engagement campaign?

Use our re-qualification email template to create your own re-engagement campaign asking your contacts if they want to still continue receiving marketing emails from you. Your contacts can then choose to stay on your list or to unsubscribe.

How to export my template to a sub-account?

You can copy a marketing, transactional or automation template from your main account (Master API Key) to any of your sub-accounts.

What is the size limit for attachments files sent via Mailjet?

File attachments is not possible when sending messages via our online newsletter tool. You must use the SMTP relay to send attachments. To learn more about using attachments, please go to: How can I add an attachment to a campaign.

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