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I received an alert for an unknown sender detection: what should I do?

If you received an alert for a new sender address that you do not own, please check if there are scripts somewhere on one of your websites that are configured to send an email when someone fills in a form or signs-up for a newsletter. Check if the script is using the intended recipient address as the “From:” address. Make sure that the sender (From) matches with your own address.

I received an alert for a new sender detection: what's that?

When using a third party emailing service like Mailjet, you want to be able to appear as actually being the sender. This is why you need to provide some information about the “sender”. If the email contains an activation link, simply click on it. Otherwise, you don't need to do anything.

Why you should avoid free webmail as a sender address?

The inboxes of your contacts need to authenticate the source of your messages (usually through SPF and DKIM). If you are sending from a Gmail address, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other free webmail, this authentication is impossible and the message may be rejected. This message rejection will cause an error that can affect your deliverability and the reputation of our IP addresses.

What's the meaning of DKIM?

The acronym DKIM stands for “Domain Keys Identified Mail”. It is an encryption authentication method that is used by many ISPs to establish if the email originated from an authorized system and prevents spammers from stealing the identity of legitimate entities.

What's the meaning of SPF (Sender Policy Framework)?

Haven’t we all received emails that seem to be from our bank, our credit card company or even from ourselves but they were fake emails? The way emails are structured, spammers can and often do falsify the ‘from email address’ to send these types of spoof / spam emails. This is where SPF comes into place!

How to validate an entire sending domain?

There are two methods to validate your entire sending domain: host a temporary file on your website, or create a DNS record.

How can I close my account?

If you are on a paid plan, go to the Pricing page and select the Free Plan. Then select 'I would like to close my account permanently'.

What is an account owner and how can I modify this?

By default, the account owner is the person who created the Mailjet account.

How to setup DomainKeys (DKIM) and SPF in my DNS records?

To setup your SPF & DKIM records, you will need to copy the SPF & DKIM values from your Mailjet account to your DNS records for the domain you want to authenticate.

How to add a sender address?

You can add many sending addresses from different domains. You also have the option of adding and validating an entire domain. This option is only recommended if you have many sender addresses to add from one domain and you want to save time by not manually validating each one.

Why do I see the ‘on behalf of’ messages in my emails?

Have you received an email that looks like it is ‘from’ someone you know but it was a fake email? Then you have seen how emails can be forged. This is known as phishing, where spammers and phishers use third-party email services to send on behalf of legitimate senders’.

What are sub-accounts and how does it help me?

Sub-accounts allow you to separate your mailings across different API Keys. By default, all accounts come with one active (Master) API Key where all mailings are sent through. You also have the possibility to create a second (Sub-Account) API Key for your transactional mailings for example.

Can I give or share access to my account?

With any Premium Plan, you can give other people access to your account. You can share access to specific API keys (sub-accounts) and specific pages (contact lists, campaigns, account billing, etc).

How can I receive a weekly report of my statistics?

Simply go to My Account → Settings.

How do I change my password?

Easy! Just go to My account then click Change password.

How to reset my password?

Go to the Mailjet Signin page and click ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link.

How to create a sub-account (or additional API Key)?

To create a sub-account, go to My Account → Master API Key & Sub API key management.

How many senders can be added to my account?

You can add up to 100 senders per account (API Key). A sender can either be a manually validated sender address or a sending domain.

What is automatic domain validation?

Automatic domain validation saves you the hassle of creating a DNS record to manually verify your sender domain. Instead, Mailjet works with the DNS provider to create the DNS records automatically. This auto-configuration will not only validate your sender domain, but your SPF/DKIM records as well.

Do you provide personalized DKIM & SPF to eliminate the 'on behalf of' message?

Yes Mailjet supports personalized SPF & DKIM records! To customize these records, follow our simple step-by-step guide at SPF & DKIM Authentication

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