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Mailjet vs SmartFocus

Mailjet is the all-in-one solution for your marketing, transactional and automated emails.

Need an alternative to SmartFocus?

Want to move away from SmartFocus in favor of another email solution? Mailjet is the ideal alternative for your marketing and transactional email campaigns, with optimized deliverability.Mailjet is the ideal partner for businesses of all sizes. In addition to our comprehensive documentation and assistance from our multilingual support teams, Customer Success Managers are available to customers needing VIP support. Your Customer Success Manager will help you optimize your email strategy and ensure personalized monitoring of your account.

Servers located in Europe
Ongoing sending repuation monitoring
Deliverability reporting by ISP
Customized consulting packages

Historically, Mailjet was designed by developers for developers. That’s why our transactional email solution has so many features, with a rich and documented range of APIs. Mailjet is now going one step further and facilitating collaboration between developers and marketers by focussing purely on email.

Thanks to its advanced functionalities, Mailjet is the perfect solution for marketers. No prior knowledge of developing is needed; you can edit and modify transactional email templates designed by your technical teams. Our advanced functionalities for Campaign Comparison, A/B Testing, Segmentation and Email Automation enable marketers to make the most of email and optimize their campaigns.