Sendgrid Alternative - Mailjet

SendGrid Alternative – Mailjet

Since its creation, Mailjet has been designed to organise your marketing, transactional and automated emails on a single platform.

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Mailjet offers competitive rates allowing you to send 30 000 emails per month for only $8.69/month, without the Mailjet logo at the bottom of your emails.

mailjet Mailjet
Sending 5000 emails, once a month
Sending 10 000 emails, 3 times a month
Sending 30 000 emails, 4 times a month
Sending 150 000 emails, 4 times a month
Free Dedicated IP Address
From $62.06/month
From $79.95/month

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Whether you are a marketer or developer, send your transactional emails with complete peace of mind with Mailjet. We offer an intuitive drag and drop editor and templating language to create superb responsive transactional email.

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