Of a Kind
Success Story




New York City, New York, USA

How Of a Kind grew their open rates by 23% by focusing on quality over quantity

At the end of 2014, looking to share their awesome products with more of the world, Of a Kind started exploring ways to grow their email list. In December 2014, Of a Kind partnered with a few other companies to run a joint campaign, cross-promoting to consumers with similar interests. Pooling together their reach, each participating company would be able to collect a greater number of email sign-ups. It was a win-win situation. After opting in an additional 40,000 contacts from the co-marketing campaign, Of a Kind’s open rate dropped significantly. Of a Kind deeply cares about providing products and content that their customers love. That’s why in May they segmented out users who no longer showed an interest in receiving email (those who had not opened or clicked in six months) and removed them from the contact lists. To date, Of a Kind’s average open rate is now averaging over 10 percent above rates before the list clean. Their content is reaching consumers who are truly engaged. Post-removal of the inactive users, Of a Kind saw a 23 percent increase in open rates that could be attributed directly to better inboxing.