Mention Me
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London, UK

Mention Me drives 10-25% increased in new customer acquisition through referral

Mention Me, a UK based tech company, is a platform that businesses use to create and optimize referral programs. Their service offers a peer-to-peer referral function where amongst other sharing channels, users can send referral offers to each other via email, powered by Mailjet. When Mention Me was first founded, the team was looking for a transactional email solution that was scalable and secure.   Mention Me operates on behalf of clients, so the protection of personal information and robust legal terms were top priorities. In the past two years, Mention Me has grown to work with national and international brands, with more than 1000% growth in their email sending volume. They have used transactional email, delivered by Mailjet, to enhance their core business value and achieve growth of between 10 to 25% in new customers for their clients through this service.

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“Ultimately, it matters that our emails get delivered to the recipient quickly and efficiently. We've got confidence in the performance, deliverability and reliability of the platform. We have plenty of other things to focus on when growing our business - so it's nice to be able to rely on a partner like Mailjet for our email delivery.”

Tim Boughton

CTO - Mention Me