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Whether you're an agency, an infrastructure or software service provider, a leading incubator or accelerator or are simply looking for an affiliation program, we have a partnership solution tailored to your needs.


Leverage Mailjet's master/sub-account configuration to provide transactional and marketing emails to your client base.


Use our APIs, iFrames and SMTP relay to connect Mailjet's robust email delivery and tracking platform to your web application.


Become a member of Mailjet's Affiliation Program and receive commission every time you refer a paying client to us.


Check out our plug-ins on our Github Page to connect Mailjet to your favorite hosting, eCommerce and CRM solutions within a couple of clicks.


Provide our leading service (and 4 others!) to your startups by applying to

Check out each of the partner categories below for more detailed information.


Add an email service to your technical solution without any of the hassle.

Are you in the Infrastructure, Platform as a Service or hosting community? Are you looking to include email and delivery management in your integrations but don't want to have to manage it?

Leverage our Provisioning API

Create Mailjet master accounts for your clients directly from your service to ours. Your clients won't even have to leave your environment to get a Mailjet account!

Leverage our deliverability

Allow your clients to connect to our leading SMTP relay within your platform for seamless deliverability and advanced statistics for their transactional and marketing emails.

Benefit from our powerful features

Campaign management, A/x testing, drag-and-drop newsletter tool, advanced stats…all your favorite Mailjet features available to each of your clients.

Resell to your advantage

Pricing has never been easier. Invoice your clients directly so they have one provider and one invoice, or we can invoice them on your behalf.


Check out our latest partners and integrations below. Use Mailjet within the environments you are used to.


Send, create and track newsletters and transactional email from within your Joomla admin.

    • Easily collect and sync opt-in contacts
    • Drag-and-drop Newsletter creation, sending and tracking
    • Choose from over 30 templates
    • Real-time tracking dashboard
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Real time contact synchronisation made easy with Mailjet and

    • allows you to transfer data between different cloud apps in seconds!
    • Sync and connect a variety of different SaaS services with your Mailjet account
    • Automatically sync and update historical and future contacts
    • No coding necessary
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Enhance your email marketing with full-featured front end

    • Plug-and-Play Connectivity
    • Segment Manager
    • Events Management
    • Personalized & Dynamic Content
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Real time transactional and bulk email delivery made easy with Mailjet and OVH

    • Real-time sending and email event analytics
    • Easy SMTP relay
    • Drag-and-drop Newsletter creation and sending
    • Compatible with all of OVH’s services
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Easily move your contacts between your favorite online applications and Mailjet through a drag-and-drop interface.

    • Sync all future contact subscriptions with Mailjet
    • Over 250 app possibilities
    • Create multiple contact sync ‘recipes’
    • No coding necessary
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Optimized transactional email marketing with Sendwithus

    • Built-in Translation
    • A/X test your transactional emails
    • No development required
    • Real-time analytics dashboard, drip campaigns, segmentation and more
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Connect your Mailjet account to your PrestaShop account and benefit from an immediate boost in deliverability

    • Send marketing and transactional emails
    • One click SMTP relay install
    • Increased deliverability
    • Real-time statistics
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Easily integrate Mailjet with the other cloud services used by your company, customers and partners

    • Build a cooperative app
    • Integrate and map all of your data
    • We handle API management
    • Try it for free
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Launch multi-channel marketing campaigns that build stronger relationships and create rich buyer profiles

    • Multi-channel Marketing
    • Sophisticated Front End
    • Long-tail Monitoring
    • Build Digital Profiles
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Send, create and track newsletters and transactional email from within your WordPress admin.

    • Easily collect and sync opt-in contacts
    • Drag-and-drop Newsletter creation, sending and tracking
    • Choose from over 30 templates
    • Real-time tracking dashboard
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Grow your Mailjet list organically

    • Turn abandonments into signups
    • Build a valuable Mailjet list
    • Recover your lost carts
    • Promote your best deals
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With Podbox, get your favorite Saas applications continuously syncing to Mailjet and unveil new business opportunities.

    • Master data management
    • Past and future data sync
    • Sync contacts and events between your SaaS tools
    • No coding necessary
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