6,000 free emails per month to try Mailjet !

Send transactional email, bulk email or create a newsletter in 5 minutes

  • Email credits / month

    Total number of emails allowed to send each month. Once this limit is reached, you will be charged per additional e-mail sent according to the rate below. Free account are limited to 200 emails/day.

  • Price thereafter per email

    When you send more e-mails than available in your monthly credit, you will be charged a small amount per additional email.

  • Do it yourself newsletter tool Design emails & manage contacts

    Simple interface to upload your contacts and create an attractive newsletter in 5 minutes, without any HTML skills required.

  • Unlimited contacts As many contacts as you wish

    Create lists of any size and manage as many subscribers as you need to.

  • IP Reputation Engine Increased deliverability

    Our algorithm balances and routes your emails through the best available IP address. This unique technology greatly improves deliverability rates.

  • Real-time tracking Monitoring dashboards, alerts

    Analyze what is happening with your emails in real time (unsubscriptions, bounce emails, clicks, opens, etc.)

  • Reports Full analytics

    Get stats about your emails and contacts. Learn more about how your recipients interact with your messages.

  • API access Event API & REST API

    Our well documented APIs allows you to access all your data in real-time. Use them to integrate emails stats and innovative features to your website.

  • Dedicated IP (1 or more) Max deliverability & reputation

    By default the IP Reputation Engine may use 1 or more IP addresses dedicated for your account. Why use dedicated IP addresses? Your emails are isolated from other senders so you build your own reputation and deliverability. The IP Reputation Engine will furthermore continue to monitor and calculate which is the best route your email should follow to ensure maximum deliverability (dedicated IP or not!).

  • Dynamic IP Reputation Monitoring Return Path™ partnership

    Our partner Return Path™ enables us to dynamically measure the IP reputation from our clients having chosen the dedicated IP option.

  • Support Live support

    All plans come with access to unlimited support by email. Critical incidents are managed 24/7.



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per month

All plans come with access to unlimited support by email. Critical incidents are managed 24/7.

There are no contracts, no sign up fees and you can change or cancel your plan at any time.