Ready to Use Zap Templates

Zapier also allows the creation of templates for commonly used zaps. They will streamline the process for you, by hiding unnecessary options and allowing you to select only the ones you need for your zap.

To review the available Zap templates for the apps you are interested in, go to Zapier’s Explore section. There you can search for and add the applications you want to link. Once selected, the respective app tags will show below the search section.

When you have selected the two apps, scroll down to see the popular Zap templates and click on ‘Use this Zap’ to use the template you have chosen.


Whenever such a template is available for the examples in this guide, we will include it in the ‘General Information’ section for the respective zap.

Keep in mind that there will be several important differences between using the templates and the way you create a zap directly from the ‘Make a Zap!’ option on the Zapier site:

  • The Trigger and Action Apps will be pre-selected for your convenience.
  • Since the template has been created with a specific trigger and action in mind, all other triggers and actions will be hidden to avoid mistakes.
  • During trigger and action configuration generally only mandatory options will be displayed. You can view the optional configurations by clicking on Show advanced options.