Send SMS Zap

General Information

Text messaging is one of the most impactful channels for direct communication. According to the Mobilesquared report, 90% of SMS are opened and read within 3 minutes after reception, and 72% of users are interested in receiving transactional SMS.

Using Zapier and Mailjet you can easily set up automatic SMS notifications for your users, informing them about upcoming events, appointments, sending them payment confirmations, etc.

For this example we will create a zap to automatically send an SMS to an Eventbrite user, whenever they register for a new event.

Trigger Phase

  1. To create the Zap, go to your Zapier dashboard and click on Make a Zap.


  2. Enter a descriptive name for your new Zap.


  3. You need to select a trigger app - search for and select Eventbrite from the list of apps.


  4. You will see a list of possible triggers for the Eventbrite app. For this example, select ‘New Attendee Registered’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  5. Select your Eventbrite account to use with this trigger. If you have already connected a Eventbrite account to Zapier, it will appear on the list. Otherwise you’ll have to connect a new one.

    For this example, we will add a new Eventbrite account by selecting the ‘Connect an Account’ option.


    In the new pop-up window, log into your Eventbrite account. Afterwards you’ll be asked to allow Zapier access to your Eventbrite account - click on ‘Allow’.


    Go back to your Zapier window and you will see a new Eventbrite account. If you wish to change this default name, simply click on the pencil icon and enter a new name.

    You can test whether the account is active or not by clicking on the ‘Test’ button next to it.


    Select your Eventbrite account and click on the ‘Save + Continue’ button.


  6. You now need to specify what kind of event registration should trigger the zap - the organization (mandatory), event status and the event itself (optional). Once you are ready, click on ‘Continue’.


  7. At this step Zapier will test the Eventbrite Trigger by fetching (retrieving) an existing event registration. Make sure you have at least one recent registration, so you can properly test the zap.

    Once ready, click on ‘Continue’


    … and you have successfully set up your Trigger!

Action Phase

  1. Now we need to set up the Action – sending an SMS message.

  2. From the ‘Choose an Action App’ search box, enter ‘Mailjet’ and select it from the list.


  3. There are several possible Mailjet actions. For this example, please select ‘Send SMS’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  4. Select a Mailjet account to use for the zap, or connect a new one. For reference click here.


    In order to use the ‘Send SMS’ action in Mailjet, you must add an SMS token when registering your Mailjet account.

  5. At this step, you need to setup the SMS by entering the sender name, recipient phone number and the actual text of the message.


  6. Add the event registration details from Eventbrite (e.g. the user’s cell phone, event name, location, date and time) to your SMS by clicking on the ‘Insert a field’ button and selecting the necessary info from the drop-down menu. This way you can then send the message with the relevant information included.


    Once you are ready, click on ‘Continue’.

  7. Zapier will now test the Mailjet action by sending the SMS to the selected test recipient. Click on ‘Send Test To Mailjet’ to perform the test, or click on ‘Skip Test’ to skip it.



    Use an event registration containing your own cell phone number for the test, in order to avoid sending the test SMS message to a real client.

  8. You should arrive at the Test Successful screen. (If the test was unsuccessful, please select the ‘Re-test This Step’ option.) Click on the ‘Finish’ button. then turn on your zap using the toggle button.


Congratulations – your Zap is on and will automatically run when the Eventbrite (new event attendee) trigger happens!