Send HTML Email Zap

General Information

Should you need a faster way to send an email, creating a template isn’t mandatory, you can also send plain HTML content directly from Zapier using the ‘Send HTML Email’ action. The template will lack the customizable design of Passport, but that removes the necessity of creating a template in Passport in the first place, so you will be able to create your zap quickly.

For the purpose of this documentation, we will build a zap using SurveyMonkey + Mailjet: whenever a survey is completed in SurveyMonkey, an email will be sent from your Mailjet account. (If you haven’t read the “What is a zap” section of the guide, please do so now.)

Here’s what you will do:

  1. Create a zap using SurveyMonkey as the trigger.
  2. Select the Mailjet Action “Send Plain Text/HTML email”.
  3. Choose the parts of the survey that you want included in the email.
  4. Chose which Mailjet account to connect to and complete the zap.

Trigger Phase

  1. Go to your Zapier account dashboard, and click the ‘Make a New Zap’ button.


  2. Enter a name for your new Zap.


  3. In the ‘Choose a Trigger App’ search box, enter ‘SurveyMonkey’ and select it.


  4. You will see a list of possible triggers for the SurveyMonkey app (To view all triggers, click on ‘show less common options’).

    Select ‘New Survey Response’ and then click on the ‘Save + Continue’ button.


  5. At this step you will need to select your SurveyMonkey account to use with this trigger. If you have already connected an SurveyMonkey account to Zapier, it will appear on the list. Otherwise you will need to connect a new SurveyMonkey account now.

    For this example, click choose ‘Connect a New Account’ to add a new SurveyMonkey account.


    In the new pop-up window, log into your SurveyMonkey account.


    You will be asked to authorize Zapier to have access to your SurveyMonkey data. Click on ‘Authorize’.


    Go back to your Zapier window and you will see a new SurveyMonkey account. If you wish to change the default name, just click on the pencil icon to enter a new name.

    Select the new SurveyMonkey account and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  6. On the new page, click on the ‘Survey’ drop down list to select the desired survey. Then click on ‘Continue’.


  7. At this step Zapier will test the SurveyMonkey Trigger by fetching (retrieving) an existing survey response. If you do not have at least one survey response, please go to the survey and fill it out yourself.

    Once ready, click on ‘Fetch & Continue’.


  8. You should see a ‘Test Successful’ screen where you can use the ‘view survey response’ link to see the survey answers. If the test did not work for whatever reason, you can select the ‘Re-test SurveyMonkey to get another survey response’ button (provided you have another survey response that can be used for testing).

    Click on ‘Continue’


    … and the Trigger is done! :)

Action Phase

Now we need to set up the Action – send an email from your Mailjet account.

  1. From the ‘Choose an Action App’ search box, enter ‘Mailjet’ and select it from the list.


  2. You have the choice of sending a plain text email, an HTML email or an email using a saved Mailjet template. For this example, select ‘Send HTML Email’ then click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  3. You now need to select a Mailjet account that the zap will use. For reference click here.

  4. At this step, you need to setup the HTML email by entering a From: address, To: address, Subject, etc.

    You will also be able to choose a ‘Reply To’ address. This is optional, but allows you to select a different email address, where replies from recipients will be received.



    The Sender/From address should be one that has been verified on Mailjet. To register and verify an email address or domain, please go to the Mailjet Sender & Domain Addresses section.

    You can also insert the survey results directly into the email. Simply click on the ‘Insert a field’ icon and select the parts you want to be included in your email.


    Once you have finished the email setup, click on ‘Continue’.


  5. Zapier will now test the Mailjet Action by sending an HTML email. Click on the ‘Create & Continue’ bitton to perform the test.


  6. You should arrive at the ‘Test Successful’ screen. (If the test was unsuccessful, please use the ‘Re-test Mailjet’ option.)

  7. Click on the ‘Finish’ button…


  8. Finally, click the toggle button ‘on’ to start your new Zap.


    Awesome :) Your Zap is on and will automagically check for new SurveyMonkey responses every 15 minutes.



Once you turn your zap on, only new survey responses will be emailed out; the zap will not run for any existing survey responses.