Send Email Campaign to a Mailjet Contact List Zap

General Information

Want a quick way to inform specific customers of new posts published on your blog, or new items added to your online store? With the help of Zapier and the Mailjet ‘Send an Email Campaign to a List’ action you can easily automate this task, saving valuable time and effort.

The main advantages of using a Mailjet contact list are:

  • You only need to update your Mailjet contact list with the proper recipients in order to ensure that every person is added - no need to update every single Zap you’ve created whenever an email address needs to be added or removed.
  • You can view your campaign stats in Mailjet to check deliverability reports and open / click rates.

For this example we will create a zap to automatically send an email campaign to a Mailjet contact list of your choice, whenever a new WooCommerce product is published.

Trigger Phase

  1. To create the Zap, go to your Zapier dashboard and click on Make a Zap.


  2. Enter a descriptive name for your new Zap.


  3. You need to select a trigger app. Since WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress, the products are being added as WordPress products. That is why we need to select WordPress as the trigger app by entering ‘WordPress’ in the search box and selecting the result.


  4. You will see a list of possible triggers for the WordPress app. You need to click on the ‘show less common options’ link to view all triggers.

    For this example, select ‘New Post’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  5. Select your WordPress account to use with this trigger. If you have already connected a WordPress account to Zapier, it will appear on the list. Otherwise you’ll have to connect a new one.

    For this example, we will add a new WordPress account by selecting the ‘Connect an Account’ option.


    In the new pop-up window, enter your WordPress account information - the base URL, username and password - and click on ‘Yes, Continue’.


    Go back to your Zapier window and you will see a new ‘WordPress #’ account. If you wish to change this default name, simply click on the pencil icon and enter a new name.

    You can test whether the account is active or not by clicking on the ‘Test’ button next to it.


    Select your WordPress account and click on the ‘Save + Continue’ button.


  6. You now need to specify what kind of post should trigger the zap. Both the Status and Type fields are optional - if you don’t select anything, the zap will be triggered with every single post on your WordPress site.

    For this example we will select a Published status and a Products type from the respective drop-down menus. Then click on ‘Continue’.


  7. At this step Zapier will test the WordPress Trigger by fetching (retrieving) an existing product. If you do not have at least one recent published product, please go to WordPress and create one in the WooCommerce plug-in.

    Once ready, click on ‘Fetch & Continue’.


  8. You should see a ‘Test Successful’ screen and you can see the details of the product by using the ‘view your post’ link. If the test did not work for whatever reason, you can click choose the ‘Re-test WordPress to get another post’ option (provided you have another product).

    Click on the ‘Continue’ button…


    … and you have successfully set up your Trigger!

Action Phase

  1. Now we need to set up the Action – sending a campaign to a Mailjet contact list.

  2. From the ‘Choose an Action App’ search box, enter ‘Mailjet’ and select it from the list.


  3. There are several possible Mailjet actions. For this example, please select ‘Send an Email Campaign to a List’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  4. Select a Mailjet account to use for the zap, or connect a new one. For reference click here.

  5. At this step, you need to setup the email campaign by entering a From: address, Contact List, Campaign Name, Subject, Email Body etc.

    You will also be able to choose a ‘Reply To’ address. This is optional, but allows you to select a different email address, where replies from recipients will be received.



    The Sender/From address should be one that has been verified in Mailjet. To register and verify an email address or domain, please go to the Mailjet Sender & Domain Addresses section.

  6. Personalize your emails by inserting information from the contact properties stored in Mailjet, by using the syntax [[data:property_name:"default_value"]]. For example, a Dear [[data:firstname:"Customer"]], email introduction will add the value of the firstname property for each contact to their respective email.

    If there is no value linked to firstname for a certain contact, it will be replaced by the default value, in this case - Customer.

    Additionally, you have the option to add details from your WooCommerce product properties (e.g. product name, link etc) to your email, so that you can then send emails with the relevant information included.


    Once you are ready, click on ‘Continue’.

  7. Zapier will now test the Mailjet action by adding a new contact to your Mailjet list. Click on ‘Send Test To Mailjet’ to perform the test, or click on ‘Skip Test’ to skip it.



    The test will send a campaign to the whole contact list you have selected. We recommend you use a contact list containing only your own email address, in order to avoid unnecessary emails during the test. After you make sure that the zap works as intended, you can easily update the configuration with the list you want to use for it.

  8. You should arrive at the Test Successful screen. (If the test was unsuccessful, please select the ‘Re-test This Step’ option.)

    Click on the ‘Finish’ button.


  9. Finally, use the toggle button to turn ‘on’ your Zap.


Congratulations – your Zap is on and will automatically run when the WooCommerce (new published product) trigger happens!


Once you turn your zap on, only new published products will trigger the zap. Your zap will not run for any existing products that have been updated.

View Your Campaign Statistics

Every time a zap with the ‘Send Email Campaign to a List’ action is triggered, it will create a campaign and send out the email template you configured to the contact list you have selected.

The respective campaign will be recorded in Mailjet and you can see your campaign stats at any time by going to your Mailjet Campaigns and clicking on the name of the one you want to view.

For more information on Mailjet campaign stats, please visit our dedicated guide.