Mailjet Campaigns

From within WordPress, you can design beautiful marketing newsletters using Mailjet’s drag-and-drop HTML email builder, or pick from a gallery of templates. With one easy click, you can also turn your newsletter design into a template for future use. In addition, you have the option to import already created templates by pasting the HTML code in our HTML editor.

To access the Mailjet Campaigns section, click on ‘Campaigns’ within your Mailjet plug-in.

Campaigns Screen

You can access and manage all your campaigns from this page.


Create a Campaign

To create a campaign, click the ‘New Campaign’ button.



Enter the Title of your campaign. This field is an internal reference label that only you will see.


Select your contact list.


You have the option to send the campaign to all subscribed contacts, or only to a segment of the contact list (available only for plans that have Premium Features added). You can change your plan by visiting the Pricing page of your Mailjet account.


The segmentation feature allows you to set up different conditions and focus your campaign on the customers you want to engage. For example, we want to focus only on customers between the ages of 18 and 35. To segment these contacts, we will need to create 2 filters: one to select customers who are 18 years old and above, and another to select 35 years and under.


Feel free to visit our Segmentation Guide for more information and examples.

Once you are satisfied with the conditions you choose, click on ‘Save & Apply’ to submit them. You can then see how many customers will you be targeting, based on the segmentation, by clicking on ‘Calculate number of contacts’.


You have now finished with the selection of the contacts, and it’s time to move on to choosing the language of the campaign. This option controls the language of automatically generated links in the email, like ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘View online version’ etc.


To build your own campaign email or select a template from our gallery, click on ‘Basic drag-and-drop editor’. Otherwise, select the ‘Basic HTML editor’ to code your newsletter.


When ready, click on ‘Save and continue’.


At the top of the new screen, you need to enter the campaign basics:


  • Subject: This will be the subject of your campaign that your recipients will see.
  • From: Select the desired sender address. For a sender address to appear in the dropdown, it has to be added and verified in your Mailjet settings in advance. Please go to the Sender domains & addresses page in your Mailjet account to add new sender addresses.
  • Sender Name: If you wish to display a different sender name, enter the name here.
  • Reply To (optional): You can enter a different ‘reply to’ email address; otherwise the default sender address will be used.

Browse and preview the templates in the gallery, and select the perfect one for you.

Let the designing fun begin with the simple drag-and-drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) newsletter tool!


Email Personalization Feature

You can add a human touch to each marketing campaign by personalizing the email template. You can address your customers by name, for example, add any other piece of information that was collected during the newsletter sign up and recorded as a contact property.

Select the desired contact property from the ‘Insert Properties’ drop down list:


All you need to do is to replace the ##%Default value%## with the text that you want to be displayed if there is no data for the property of that contact. For this example, if there is no first name for a contact, the default text ‘there’ will be used.


For additional information please visit the Mailjet Email Personalization Guide.

Send a Test Email

At any point, you can send a test campaign to view how your campaign looks. Simply click the ‘Send test’ button, enter an email address then click ‘OK’ to send.


Save Your Template

Instead of re-designing a newsletter, save it as a template instead! Just click on the ‘Save template’ button, enter the template name then select ‘create new template’.


And that’s it! You will now be able to select your new template from the ‘My templates’ gallery:


Once you have completed your campaign, click on ‘Continue’.


You now need to select your sending date & time:

  • Send now (default option): To send your campaign immediately.
  • Send later: Schedule the campaign to be sent at a particular date and time.

Then click on ‘Save & send’.


Congratulations on sending your first campaign!


View Campaign Results

To view the real-time results of a sent campaign, just click on the campaign title.


From the stats page, you can view key metrics such as opens, clicks, and unsubscribes to know how your campaign is performing.


If you click on ‘Show me the reports’, you will see the list of email addresses in the contact list, as well as the status of the email sent to each one.


Managing Your Campaigns

Edit an Unsent Campaign

To edit an unsent campaign, click on the campaign title and then edit it as usual.


Duplicate a Campaign

You can quickly duplicate any campaign (sent or unsent) by selecting ‘Duplicate’ from the ‘Manage’ drop down list.


You will go through the same steps as when creating a brand new campaign, but with all the settings already pre-filled with the options you selected on the campaign you are duplicating.


You can make any slight changes you need, then click on ‘Save and continue’ and you will go to the email design section, with your previous email template already loaded and ready to be edited.

Archive/Delete a Campaign

Archiving is an effective way of organizing your sent campaigns.

From the ‘Manage’ drop down menu, select ‘Archive’ for the desired campaign.


Click on the ‘Archived’ tab to see all the campaigns that have been archived.


Only unsent campaigns can be deleted via the ‘Manage’ menu. Once deleted, they cannot be recovered.

Sent campaigns cannot be deleted but can be archived so that they are no longer displayed in the ‘All my campaigns’ section on your screen. The archived campaigns can be accessed at any time by clicking on the ‘Archive’ tab and can be restored via the ‘Manage’ menu.

Campaign Comparison

With Mailjet’s powerful Campaign Comparison tool you will be able to review past email performance to learn from your wins (and losses) and set goals for future sends. Campaign Comparison helps you average past email results to create benchmarks. Use these benchmarks as a goal or reference when evaluating performance of individual campaigns and series of email campaigns.


The Campaign Comparison feature is only available for Mailjet subscription plans that have Premium Features enabled. For more information you can visit the Mailjet ‘Pricing’ section. You can change your plan by visiting the Pricing page of your Mailjet account.

To access this feature, go to Campaigns and select ‘Compare Campaigns’.


You will be asked to select up to 10 of your completed campaigns to compare simultaneously.


After making your selections, click on ‘Submit’ and you will see detailed metrics on how your campaigns developed over time.


For additional information on how to use and customize this feature, please visit our dedicated Campaign Comparison Guide.