Add a Subscription Form to Wix


Adding a Mailjet subscription form using the Wix website builder is quite simple:

  1. Retrieve the HTML code generated by Mailjet, once you have created the form.
  2. Add an iFrame block in Wix and paste the code in the block. Then move it to the section of the website, where you want the form displayed.

Retrieve HTML Code

Go to the Widgets section in your Mailjet account. Then move your mouse cursor over the ‘Manage’ button and click on ‘View code’.


You will see the HTML code on the new page - click on ‘Copy’ to save it to your clipboard.


Add iFrame Block in Wix

Go into the Wix drag-and-drop builder. Then from the left-hand side menu click on ‘Add’ → ‘More’ → ‘HTML iframe’.


The iFrame block will appear - click on ‘Enter Code’ and paste the code you copied from your Mailjet account. Then click on ‘Apply’.


Adjust the size of the iFrame block to display the form properly, then move it to the section, where you want to display it. And voila - your subscription form has been added!