Install and Configure

Install the Mailjet Extension

Log into your TYPO3 site as an administrator and go to ‘Admin Tools’ →‘Extensions’.


There are two ways to install the Mailjet extension - from the TYPO3 extension list, or by manually uploading a .ZIP file.

From the TYPO3 Extension List

  1. From the drop-down menu at the top select ‘Get Extensions’.


  2. Enter ‘Mailjet’ in the Search field. You will see ‘Mailjet Email Marketing’ extension in the search results - click on the ‘Import and Install’ link next to it.


  3. Well done - the extension has been installed!

By Uploading a ZIP File

You can download the extension from Mailjet’s TYPO3 repository in GitHub - simply choose the latest release available there.


Make sure that the download is saved as - otherwise TYPO3 won’t be able to recognize it.

  1. Click on the ‘Upload’ button in the TYPO3 admin.


  1. Select the file from your computer with the ‘Choose File’ option, then click on ‘Upload’.


  1. Congrats - you have successfully installed the Mailjet extension!

Configure the Mailjet Extension

To access the configuration options, use the drop-down menu to get back to your Installed Extensions.


Then locate the Mailjet extension with the Search menu, and click on the ‘Configure’ button.


API Settings

The ‘API Settings’ tab allows you to link the Mailjet extension to your Mailjet account. To do that, you need to enter your API Key and Secret Key details in the respective fields.


You can find the API Key and Secret Key information in your Mailjet API Key Management page.


If you do not have a Mailjet account, please create one now by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the API tab, or go directly to the Mailjet Signup page.

In addition, you must enter your desired sender email address in the designated field.



In order to be accepted, the sender email needs to be verified with Mailjet. Visit the “Sender Domains & Addresses” section of your Mailjet account to view your sender addresses and domains.

Once this is done, click on the ‘Save’ button to submit your settings.


If accepted, you will see a confirmation message under ‘API Status’. If not, you will see an error describing which details were incorrect.


General Settings

Configure your sending settings by using the options available in the ‘General Settings’ tab.


  • Send Emails through Mailjet - Tick this checkbox in order to start sending your TYPO3 emails through the Mailjet SMTP servers.
  • Allow HTML - Tick this checkbox if you want your emails to allow HTML code. If you disable the option, the email body will automatically be converted to plain text.
  • Mailjet SMTP host - If the field is left blank, the default value for the Mailjet SMTP host will be used.
  • Mailjet SMTP port - Choose a port for the Mailjet SMTP.
  • Enable SSL communication with
  • Test email recipient - Choose an email address to send a test email to. The email will be sent once you Save your settings.

Click on ‘Save’ to submit your changes.

Account Information


The ‘Account Information’ tab displays your Mailjet account details - First and Last Name, Company Name and Address. The information cannot be edited directly from the extension within TYPO3 - you can change it in your Mailjet Profile.