Slack is the tool that brings all of your team’s communication together in one place, including your Mailjet email campaign notifications and statistics.

Mailjet x Slack

How did your email campaign perform? Was it better or worse than last time? Connect your Slack + Mailjet accounts and receive your email marketing performance and insights directly in Slack.

When you push ‘send’ in Mailjet, you’ll instantly receive a confirmation in Slack that your email campaign was sent. 24 hours later, you’ll receive the stats on your campaign’s Opens, Clicks and Performance (compared to the last email sent to that same contact list) plus useful links to your campaign and full statistics dashboard in Mailjet.

Choose to send these insights directly to yourself or share them in a team channel so that the rest of your company is up to date on your campaigns.

Notifications You’ll Receive

  • Confirmation that your email campaign has been sent (instantly)


  • Recap of your email campaign’s statistics and performance (24 hours later)



Version 1 of the Mailjet x Slack integration works for campaigns that are created with the Passport online builder and sent immediately.

This integration does not yet work for:

  • Campaigns that are scheduled (and not sent immediately)
  • Campaigns created using the A/B Testing feature
  • Emails sent via SMTP relаy, Send API, or used in Email Automation

By all means, if any of those sending methods are a top priority for you, let us know by contacting our Support team and we’ll be sure to prioritize them in the roadmap!