Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that enables you to send, deliver and track transactional and marketing emails all from one single account. With Mailjet, Marketers and Developers can send, deliver and track emails via API, SMTP Relay or an intuitive User Interface.

Segment allows you to capture data from every customer touch point and send it to the tools or data warehouses where it can be used most effectively.

By integrating Mailjet with Segment you can:

  • Enrich Mailjet Contact Lists from Segment Sources with New Contacts and Contact Properties

    Easily add historical and future contacts to your Mailjet contact lists, as well as enrich the list with additional contact properties (e.g. name, gender, geography, purchase history) that feed into Segment from your other SaaS applications.

  • Send Email Events (opens, clicks, unsubs, bounces, …) to Segment Integrations and data warehouses

    Mailjet can send all of your transactional and marketing email stats and intelligence back into 200+ Segment Integrations or data warehouses. Analyze your email growth and engagement metrics alongside your website and landing page visits, or make sure that information about your newsletter unsubscriptions are recorded in your CRM.