To view the powerful real-time analytics of your campaigns and emails, click on the ‘Stats’ link in PrestaShop.


Select the desired time range for the stats page.


By clicking on ‘Show me the reports’ you will be able to see information on each of the recipients of the campaign:



In addition to the Email List view (default), you can view the Open Analytics and the Click Analytics in a list view or via a map view.


By default, all emails statuses are displayed. You can filter the results to display only one email status via the ‘Status’ drop down menu.


To export the email lists section to a text file, click on the ‘Download all as CSV’ button.


To update a contact list based on the results, click on ‘Export to a list’. For example, if you wish to remove all the ‘bounced’ email addresses from a particular contact list, filter the results to show only ‘Bounce’, click on ‘Export to a list’ and follow the instructions.