How to Install the Mailjet PrestaShop Module

How to Install

  1. To get the our PrestaShop module for free, please first visit Mailjet’s PrestaShop GitHub repository.

  2. Click on ‘Clone or download’ and select the ‘Download ZIP’ option. The module will be downloaded as a file onto your computer.


  3. Locate the file and unzip it. The files will be extracted in a folder named prestashop-mailjet-plugin-apiv3-master.

  4. Rename the folder to mailjet and zip it once again. The name of the .ZIP file does not matter - you can name it, for example.

  5. Now you need to log into the PrestaShop Admin. From the main menu, under ‘Improve’ click on ‘Modules’‘Modules & Services’.


  6. At the top of the displayed section, click on ‘Upload a Module’.


  7. A pop-in window will appear. Drag and drop the zipped Mailjet module into it, or click on ‘Select file’ to browse and select it. Once you do this, the installation will automatically start.


  8. Once the module is successfully installed, you will see a confirmation message.


How to Connect Module to Mailjet Account

  1. After the installation has been successfully completed, in the confirmation message you will see a ‘Configure’ button - click on it.


    If you have already closed the message, you can find the Mailjet module in the ‘Installed Modules’ tab and select the ‘Configure’ option from there.


  2. If you are not yet a Mailjet user, please click on ‘Register’ to create a new account, or go directly to Mailjet by clicking here. To view the different pricing plans, please use the ‘Pricing’ button.


  3. Once you have a Mailjet account, click on ‘Connect’ to enter your Mailjet Main Account API Key & Secret Key information as shown below.

    Use the Mailjet account link to view your API Key information. Copy and paste your credentials and click ‘Save & Login’.


  4. Congratulations! You have successfully connected the PrestaShop plugin to your Mailjet account.

PrestaShop Customers Master List Migration

Once your Mailjet account is connected to the PrestaShop platform, there is an initial transfer of all PrestaShop contacts, who subscribed to your newsletter, to your Mailjet account. Fields that are transferred are email address, first name and last name. This master PrestaShop contact list name is called ‘PrestaShop Customers Master List’ and can be found on your Mailjet Contacts page.

The master list will automatically be updated with new entries for users who subscribe to the mailing list.


As we mentioned above, only subscribed users will be migrated. The purpose is to keep the master list as clean as possible, in order to avoid any issues with deliverability, spam complaints etc. If at any point new or existing users subscribe (or are manually subscribed from the Prestashop admin), they will automatically be added to the list. If a user unsubscribes or their account is deactivated, the contact will be removed from the contact list altogether.

How to Configure SPF / DKIM Records

Before you start sending your first emails, it is highly recommended to set up your SPF and DKIM records. This will be covered in the Account section of this guide, but for more information, please visit our FAQs:

Now let’s go through the rest of the module to unleash its full marketing potential!