How to Configure the Mailjet PrestaShop Module

After installing the Mailjet module and connecting your Mailjet account to PrestaShop, you will see a ‘Mailjet’ section in your PrestaShop Dashboard. Click on ‘Configurer’ to access the module.


On the new page, you will see a number of configuration options:


The very first thing you need to do is to allow Mailjet to send all your transactional and marketing emails. By using Mailjet’s SMTP relay to send your emails, you will have access to all of the features listed above, along with Mailjet’s optimized email deliverability.

To use Mailjet’s SMTP relay, select the ‘YES’ radio button, then choose the Sender Address for your transactional emails and click on ‘Modify’.



The Sender Address needs to be verified with Mailjet, before you can use it to send transactional emails. To see how to register and verify a new sender email address, please see the Sender Address section of this guide.

Excellent! Now all your transactional and newsletter emails will be sent through Mailjet!


Please note that if you select the ‘NO’ radio button and click on ‘Modify’, then your transactional emails from within PrestaShop will not be sent using Mailjet.


You will not be able to track opens and clicks on your transactional mail, nor will you have access to the triggered marketing email feature and the list cleanup feature. You will, however, still have access to the Campaign tool, the Contacts features, and the Stats pages (as you would in your Mailjet account to create, send and analyze your marketing campaigns).

Now that Mailjet is hooked in and ready to fly, let’s go through each feature in detail.