When someone subscribes to your site’s newsletters and/or marketing campaigns, their contact information is stored in a contact list. You can create and manage your contact lists from within PrestaShop or from your Mailjet Account.

How to Manage Your Mailjet Contact Lists

To send out your marketing campaigns with Mailjet, you need to use contact lists that contain the contact details of all the subscribers you want to reach. You can use these contact details to further connect with your customers with email personalization, tailoring each email sent within a campaign to make your users feel unique and important.


Here you will see a list of all the contact lists you currently have on your Mailjet account. If any contacts were automatically migrated, you will also see a newly created contact list. If you have no contact lists, the area will be empty.

In this section you will be able to create, edit, duplicate, archive and delete your contact lists. You can also create new contact properties, or add emails to your Campaign Exclusion List.

For detailed information please visit our dedicated guide on Managing your contact lists.

Contact Properties

To store details about your subscribers (name, age, city, …) in your Mailjet contact list, you need to define/create the different contact properties you wish to associate with your Mailjet contacts. Once defined, you can then import your contact list details and map them to the relevant contact properties on the Mailjet side.

The inclusion of additional details regarding your subscribers will help you with personalizing emails in Mailjet, or with segmentation of the contact list for marketing campaigns, for example.

For more information on how to manage the properties, please visit the Contact Properties section of our guide on Managing Contact Lists.