To view and manage your account settings, please click on ‘Account’ from the main menu.


My Info

You can edit the “My Info” itself by clicking on the ‘Modify’ button:


The ‘My Info’ information will appear in the footer of your campaigns:


You can edit a campaign’s footer by clicking on the text field and make the changes:


Configure your DKIM/SPF


It is strongly recommended that you set up the SPF & DKIM records for your sending domain. These records will set Mailjet as a reliable sending partner for your domain and avoid “From:” fraud/spam. It will also increase your deliverability – helping your emails get delivered to the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam box. Setting up your SPF & DKIM records is a simple process:

Step 1 – View your SPF & DKIM Values

To view your SPF & DKIM record values, please go to the Domain Name Configuration page of your Mailjet account. Scroll down the page, move your mouse over the ‘Manage’ button and select ‘Info’ (the eyeball icon).


You will see the SPF and DKIM records displayed there.


Step 2 – Create SPF & DKIM Records

SPF & DKIM records are SUPER IMPORTANT in ensuring the best deliverability possible. They are domains records and they are set-up via your domain host account (Godaddy, Bluehost, OVH, …). Log into your (domain) host account and go to the DNS section. You will then create two new text (TXT) records, one for SPF and one for DKIM.

Below are links to some common domain providers. If your provider is not listed, please contact them directly for assistance.

Provider Link
1&1 Add or Remove TXT Records
Bluehost Modify a DNS record
Cloudflare SPF, DKIM
Dreamhost SPF, DKIM
Godaddy Adding & Editing TXT records
Hostgator Manage DNS records
HostMonster Modify your DNS records
Hover Edit DNS Record
Namecheap SPF & DKIM
Network Solutions Edit DNS Record

Once you have created both records, go back to your SPF & DKIM page and click the ‘Force Refresh’ button found at the bottom of the page.



After you force a refresh and double check your values, your screen may still show that your records are missing. This is expected it may take up to 48 hours for the new DNS information to reach the Mailjet system.

For more detailed information, please read our FAQs on SPF, DKIM and Deliverability.

Sender Address

From this section, you are able to add new sender addresses or domains to your Mailjet account. If you need more information on sender addresses or sender domains, don’t hesitate to consult our online FAQ.

Click on the ‘Modify’ button.


Enter the new email address or domain, then click on ‘Add’.


An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to validate the new sender address or domain.


Once validated, the (pending) status will be removed and the sender address / domain will be activated.

If you want to add your Prestashop’s store domain, please make sure to add it exactly as it is stated in your Store Information in Prestashop. You can see the URL in Prestashop by going to ‘Advanced Parameters‘‘Information‘ and looking for the ‘Shop URL‘ under ‘Store Information‘.

store info

Advanced Settings

To access your Mailjet Account page, click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button.