Send HTML Email Zap

General Information

Should you need a faster way to send an email, creating a template isn’t mandatory, you can also send plain HTML content directly from Zapier using the ‘Send HTML Email’ action. The template will lack the customizable design of Passport, but that removes the necessity of creating a template in Passport in the first place, so you will be able to create your zap quickly.

Trigger Phase

To configure the trigger please follow the same steps as in the Send Email with Mailjet Template Zap.

Action Phase

  1. You have entered the Action phase. Search for Mailjet in the Action App search bar and select the result.


  2. Select the ‘Send HTML Email’ action and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  3. Choose a linked Mailjet account, or connect a new one that you wish to use. For reference click here.

  4. You will now be asked to create the email template by choosing a Sender email address, Sender name, Recipient Email address or addresses, Subject Line and email body.



    The Sender/From address should be one that has been verified on Mailjet. To register and verify an email address or domain, please go to the Mailjet Sender & Domain Addresses section.

    You will also be able to choose a ‘Reply To’ address. This is optional, but allows you to select a different email address, where replies from recipients will be received.

    You can personalize the email body or Subject field by inserting fields from Pipedrive containing important information like the date and time of the activity, duration, attendees etc.


    Once you are ready, click on ‘Continue’.

  5. You will be asked to review and test the new template.


    Click on ‘Create & Continue’, or if you wish to skip the test, select ‘Skip Test & Continue’.

  6. Once you have successfully tested the zap, or skipped the test, you will need to ‘Finish’ the zap creation process.


  7. All that’s left now is to turn on the zap and you are ready to go!