How long does a Mailjet resource plan last?

Each Mailjet resource plan is valid for and automatically renews every 30 calendar days, unless downgraded (deleted) or upgraded.

How do I Upgrade?

You can upgrade to the higher resource plan at any time (i.e. from Bronze to Gold). Go to your Mailjet resource, click on the ‘Pricing Tier’ and select the higher priced plan that fits your needs. The higher priced plan will renew automatically after 30 days.

Change Pricing Tier

How do I Downgrade?

You can downgrade to a lower priced or free plan at any time (i.e. from Gold to Bronze). Go to your Mailjet resource, click on the ‘Pricing Tier’ and select the lower priced plan that fits your needs. The downgrade to the lower priced plan takes place immediately. Any unused credits from the previous plan will not be transferred. The new lower priced (or free) plan will renew automatically each 30 days.

Do the Azure Mailjet resource plans have hard or soft email sending limits?

Due to the infrastructure of Azure, the Mailjet plans on Azure have hard limits. This means that if you subscribe to a Bronze plan with 40,000 emails credits you have 30 days to use those email credits and should you need more within that same 30 day period, you will need to purchase a higher rate plan. Purchasing a higher rate plan goes into effect immediately.

What happens to my Mailjet data (contacts, mail lists, campaigns, etc.) when I delete my Mailjet resource on Azure?

All data on Mailjet is kept intact when you delete your Mailjet resource from Azure. However your API key will be disabled, so you will not be able to use any Mailjet services. Since the link between Mailjet and Azure is based on your subscription ID, should you decide to create a new Mailjet resource with the same Azure subscription ID, you will regain access to your user information and your API key will be activated. The API Public and API Secret Keys will not be modified during deletion/creation of a Mailjet resource with the same subscription ID and you will not need to go through the activation process again.

What if I want to completely delete my Mailjet data?

Account suspension and deletion is done manually. To request deletion, please open a support ticket to Mailjet, providing your Azure subscription ID and reason for deletion.

I can’t access the Mailjet management screen or the Mailjet API doesn’t work

Your account might have been temporarily or permanently blocked by Mailjet due to violation of the Terms of Service or Sending Policy. To clarify and resolve the issue you should open a support ticket, providing your Azure subscription ID.