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Create your subscription widget easily and expand your contact lists. Users who subscribe via your widget are automatically added to the contact list that you have selected. The Mailjet widget offers a native double opt-in which guarantees your recipients' interest - an essential prerequisite for your reputation as a sender and GDPR.

Create your widget in a few minutes

With our intuitive editor, create functional and attractive widgets without any technical or design expertise. Change the design and the text easily to adapt your widget to your brand's visual identity. For more experienced users, it is possible to create it directly in HTML and CSS.

Embedded widget or Pop-in

From your homepage to your product pages, encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters by adding embedded widgets to a page or as pop-ins. When you have finished customizing a widget in your account, we provide you with the final HTML code to copy and paste into your site's code.

Create a customized widget

Collect strategic information

When your customers subscribe via your widget, gather more than just their email address. Go further by asking them to add personal information about themselves. The more you gather data about your contacts - such as their first and last names or address - the more you can use the Customization and Segmentation features in a relevant manner.

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A complete experience with double opt-in

Double opt-in enables you to ensure that it was indeed the recipient who initiated the subscription. The subscription only takes effect after the link in the activation email has been clicked. Mailjet enables you to customize the subscription confirmation page and the activation email that your users will receive after having subscribed via your widgets. Your visual identity is maintained at each stage for a seamless user experience.

Do you need help to embed your widget?

Watch our video and learn to create a subscription widget in a just a few clicks.

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