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Separate your activities using sub-accounts

Does your company have various teams, departments, or products? Are you an agency and want to keep your client’s accounts separate? Create a sub-account for each group. They will be completely independent from each other and those with access to one sub-account will not be able to access another one without authorised permission.
Keep in mind: if the reputation of one of the sub-accounts is affected, there are no consequences to the others.

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Invite an unlimited number of users to your Mailjet account

For each account or sub-account, invite as many users as you wish, and either assign them a role (Manager, Designer, Developer, etc.) or choose their custom rights and permissions yourself. Increase efficient teamwork while maintaining control of your projects.

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Control what invited users can do

As the account-holder, you can assign roles and permissions to your users. For example, you can allow the Designer to change the style of your templates without having access to the contact list, let the Accountant access only the billing information or create a customised profile based on your specific requirements.

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Work together in real time on your email designs

For even greater teamwork, Mailjet allows for several users to work together on the same email templates or the same campaign - at the same time! You can instantly see what changes your colleagues are making, and they can work alongside you in real-time.

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