Semantic tags to abstract HTML complexity

Each tag in MJML is semantic, making the language very easy to learn and understand: mj-button, mj-image, mj-text… Even better, MJML tags integrates the fallbacks and hacks needed to make an email responsive, such as conditional comments for Outlook.

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A responsive-by-design markup

MJML was created specifically for email coding and is based on a system of rows and columns which is very common in email. Natively responsive, columns will appear side-by-side on desktop and stack on mobile by default.

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Engage your users with interactive emails

Some email clients offer interactive features, why not leverage them? MJML makes it easy with interactive components such as mj-navbar, mj-accordion and mj-carousel. If the email is opened in an email client which doesn’t support interactions, a beautiful fallback is displayed.

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Full flexibility for email developers

While MJML provides high-level components to abstract responsive email HTML complexity, it’s also a fully-customizable framework. Email developers can add custom CSS styles in their MJML template, including media queries, and even create their own MJML components to streamline their development and code always faster.

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