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Transactional SMS



Ready to connect with your customers wherever they are? With Mailjet's SMS API, send transactional text messages to over 55 countries worldwide.

Here’s how it works:

  • Deposit funds into your SMS Account and generate your Access Tokens
  • Send Transactional Messages using the SMS API
  • View your message statistics from your SMS Dashboard

This guide will focus on your SMS Account (generate tokens, pricing & deposits, statistics dashboard).

Please have your developer review our SMS API Reference Guide which explains the methods, encoding, error codes, and instructions on how to use our RESTful API.

Transactional SMS Overview

Let’s review a few general points about sending Transactional SMS:

  • An SMS can be up to 160 characters (in GSM7 encoding) and up to 5 concatenated SMS (up to 765 characters) can be sent at once*
  • The default sending limit is 200 SMS per day
  • The SMS Account Page is only available on your Main Account (and not accessible from sub-accounts)
  • SMS messages cannot be sent to your contact lists. SMS can only be sent to people who gave consent to receive Transactional SMS and provided a phone number on the opt-in form.

* Developer Resource: SMS Concatenation & Encoding Section

My Transactional SMS Page

Get started by clicking on ‘SMS’ from the main menu.

Transactional SMS

From the Transactional SMS page, you can:

  • Generate access tokens
  • View the current balance in your SMS Prepaid Account, and deposit money
  • Analyze SMS statistics from the last 3 months

Transactional SMS

Generate Access tokens

Before you can use the SMS API, you need to generate an access token that will be used for authentication purposes.

To create an access token, click 'Generate a token'.

Transactional SMS

Enter a unique name for your token and then click 'Generate'.

Transactional SMS

Once the token is generated, please copy and save the token value. For security purposes, your token value is not stored with Mailjet. Once you close the modal, the token value cannot be viewed again.

Transactional SMS

You can generate a maximum of 10 active tokens. To view or delete your current tokens, click on ‘Manage tokens’.

Transactional SMS

Developer Resource: How to Authenticate Using Bearer Tokens

SMS Pricing

The price of sending a Transactional SMS is based on the destination country.
Click the ‘Check rates’ for the cost to send an SMS by country. If you would like to send to a country that is not listed, please open a support ticket.

You can deposit money (USD, Euro, or Pounds) into your SMS Account at any time. The minimum deposit is one dollar/euro/pound, and deposits are non-refundable.

The cost of each SMS sent will be automatically deducted from your SMS Account.

Transactional SMS

Add Money to your SMS Account

Please Note: As per international regulations, a validation process is required for the first SMS purchase with a new credit card. This process may take up to 48 hours. Once your payment has been successfully validated, your credit card will be charged, and the money will be deposited into your SMS Account.

From the Transactional SMS page, click on 'Add Money'.

Transactional SMS

Enter the amount of money in the desired currency you wish to deposit. Use the SMS Calculator to estimate how many transactional messages can be sent to a specific country. Click 'Continue'.

Transactional SMS

Confirm your Billing Information (Step 2) and click 'Continue'.

From the Payment Method, select credit card and click 'Continue'.

Transactional SMS

Read the Terms & Conditions and click the checkbox to confirm that only Transactional SMS can be sent to contacts who explicitly consented to receiving SMS, and that failure to do so may result in a fine or service cancellation.

Once ready, click ‘Confirm your order’.

Transactional SMS

Just a reminder, if this is an initial purchase of SMS on a new credit card, it may take up to 48 hours for the validation process, in which time the funds will appear as ‘pending’ in your account.

Transactional SMS

An invoice will be generated for each deposit made into your SMS Account, and can be viewed via the ‘Review billing history and invoices’ link.

Transactional SMS

Your SMS Account Currency

The currency of your deposit will set the currency of your SMS Account. If you deposit USD, your SMS Account currency will be set to USD; if you deposit EUR, the SMS Account currency is set to EUR. Minimum deposit is one unit (dollar/euro/pound).

When your SMS Account currency is changed with a new deposit, any existing funds in the Account will not be converted or transferred to the new currency. Instead, those funds will be accessible again when you switch the SMS Account currency back with a new deposit (minimum one unit) in that currency.

For example:

Paul makes an initial deposit of $400 and his SMS Prepaid Balance shows $400. For each Transactional SMS sent, the cost is automatically deducted from the Prepaid Balance. After a month of sending, he has $125 left in the account.

Paul then deposits 200€. His SMS Prepaid Balance currency is set to EUR, and the balance is now 200€. Any SMS sent will be deducted from the 200€.

The $125 will be inaccessible until Paul switches the account currency back to USD with a USD deposit (minimum $1 deposit).

Send via SMS API

Once your access tokens have been generated, and a deposit made into your SMS Account, the SMS API can be used to:

  • Send high volumes of SMS
  • Retrieve details of SMS messages, and basic sending statistics
  • Export a list of SMS messages.

Here are the technical guides and resources your Development Team will need to integrate the SMS API successfully:

SMS Statistics Dashboard

View your SMS performance over the last 3 months, and the status of each sent SMS:

Transactional SMS

  • Delivered: The SMS has been delivered to the recipient's device.
  • Pending Delivery: The SMS has been sent.
  • Rejected: The SMS was not delivered (sender may be blacklisted, invalid or inactive destination number, recipient is subscribed to a 'Do Not Disturb' service, the operator rejected the message, etc). If an error reason was given, it will be displayed in the Status Details column.

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