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How It Works

What we do


Mailjet’s tools are easy as pie and very intuitive: you design, click on “send” and we take care of the rest, it is the perfect tool if you are doing email marketing (sending Newsletters for example).

Our unique algorithm boosts your deliverability so you can focus on your core business: it allows you to forget about SMTP and server maintenance. Boosting your deliverability means that your emails will also provide you some in-depth stats and other very useful tools that will make your sending more efficient.

Features List

Among others, here are the main features that we currently propose:

  • Real-time Cloud Emailing (marketing and transactional)
  • Optimized Deliverability (Authentications (SPF / DKIM), Algorithm, ISP recommendations, etc.)
  • In-depth Analytics in Real-time
  • Spam risk metrics
  • SMTP Relay
  • Easy Creation Newsletter Tool
  • Import HTML Feature
  • X-header tag for email categorization

How we offer it

This section will take you through our different offers: it will help you pick up the plan that perfectly suits your needs.

The Free plan

Our services start with a Free Plan that offers you 200 emails a day: that’s 6,000 a month! It allows you to cover your basic needs if you are a small sender.

Small online shops can use this Free emailing plan for their transactional emails. If they need to, associations, small businesses or even individuals can use it to send their newsletter to several hundreds of people! Applications are multiple and we are very happy to offer this to the community.

The Free plan gives you access to all our tools and features, even the API! It will therefore allow you to discover the whole potential of our tool. For the developers, it is also great: they can run some tests without having to pay anything! With Mailjet, you only pay for what you need and what you really want.

You must be careful if your needs exceed the sending limits: 200 a day and 6,000 a month. Your emails will be sent at a pace of 200 every 24 hours, for three days maximum. So on a Free Plan, your campaign should never exceed 1,000 emails. Beyond 3 days, the pending emails will be lost. Of course, if you need to, you can also upgrade for a Bronze plan, even just for one sending.

The Bronze plan

We have created this plan for all the people who have small but strong emailing needs. Its price is very cheap but the possibilities are numerous: you can shoot 30,000 emails a month for only $9.65. This cover the basic needs of a lot of people who would otherwise need to pay a lot more.

It is for example recommended to use this plan to send all your transactional emails: these really need to get delivered and you do not want to be sending them by yourself. You might be unaware of this but lot of them will get lost if the deliverability is not properly optimized. Of course this is also true for your marketing emails.

In conclusion, we can say that the Bronze plan is just the perfect fit for all the people who want to send emails for their business but who are hesitating to use a professional service: with Mailjet’s unique pricing there is no more entry ticket, anyone can get a taste of what a powerful email solution is like.

Silver and above: for higher volumes and dedicated IPs

Starting with the Silver plan, you can get one or more dedicated IPs. This means that your emails will not be treated with the ones from other senders: this allows you to build your own reputation. It guarantees that you can work on your own deliverability. This can be important if you are sending sensitive and / or important contents.

The IP Reputation Engine will furthermore continue to monitor and calculate which is the best route your email should follow to ensure maximum deliverability.Our partner Return Path™ enables us to dynamically measure the IP reputation from our clients having chosen the dedicated IP option.

If you are a very large sender, you might want to have several IPs at your disposal. If you are in this situation, feel free to contact the support team, they will guide you through this process.


Our pricing is very flexible. You can change the plan you are on from one month to the other. You will never engage yourself for more than 30 days. This allows you to adjust your plan to your needs: elastic volumes are no longer an issue!

1) Upgrading and downgrading

To change your plan, just go in your Account tab and click on upgrade / downgrade, then choose whatever you want!

  • If you have a pending campaign, upgrading or downgrading will not affect it;
  • When you switch plans, you can choose to get it effective immediately or at the renewal date;
  • If you have a Silver Plan or higher, when downgrading to Free or Bronze, you will lose the reputation acquired with your dedicated IP;

2) Managing your account

  • To put your account on hold you simply need to downgrade to a free plan
  • To close your account or take away a Credit card, contact the support

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