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Getting Started Guide


How to get started with Mailjet?

There’s three simple ways to start using Mailjet. Each of them are complementary and can be combined together to manage your entire email lifecycle.

Send Newsletters with our online tools
In just a few easy steps in our drag-and-drop editor, you will have built your first newsletter and be ready to send.

Send via SMTP
Use the Mailjet SMTP relay to send transactional emails. No coding required!

Send & Integrate using Mailjet API
Leverage our powerful APIs to integrate Mailjet into your information systems.

General Configuration

We advise you to configure some key settings and observe deliverability best practices that will help you to use Mailjet easily right from the start.

Sender Address

When using a third-party emailing service like Mailjet, you need to add and configure the "From:" email address, also known as the Sender Address. This would be the time to setup your sender addresses.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to add a sender address and validate a sending domain

Email Tracking Options

By default the tracking options for ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ are activated for all new accounts. This should be left as is if you want to keep track of who is reading your emails and which links are being clicked within. These settings can be changed on your Account Preferences page.


To help increase your deliverability (having your newsletters delivered to the recipient’s inbox rather than their junk folder), we strongly recommend setting up your SPF & DKIM records for your domain. These records will also validate Mailjet as a permitted sender and prevent email spoofing.

For those of you who want to learn more, check out our blog or our FAQs:

Step-by-Step Guide: Authenticating Domains with SPF & DKIM

By default, all tracking links have the format:


You can create a customized tracking link for your domain; for example:


Customized tracking links are not only more attractive to your recipients; it will help improve your deliverability. Before you can create your customized link, your sender domain needs to be verified.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Customized Tracking Link


Send Newsletters with our online tools

No installation required. We provide ready and easy to use tools directly from our interfaces. Let yourself enjoy our drag-and-drop newsletter editor to create beautiful campaigns in a few minutes, or even import your own HTML code.

Create your Contact Lists

Now it’s time to upload your contact lists and create some beautiful newsletters! An unlimited number of contact lists can be created with any Mailjet account. Contact list details can be imported via a text file or can be pasted directly onto the form.

To send personalized newsletters, your contact list fields (name, age, city, etc.) need to be matched to the online contact properties.

For further information, please read:

Create your Newsletters

Creating your newsletters online is a simple process:

  • Enter your campaign details (title, sender name, ...)
  • Choose your contact list
  • Select an email template from our gallery or start one from scratch
  • Add your content
  • Hit “Send”

It’s that simple!

Step-by-Step Guide: How do I easily create my first newsletter

Enjoy the Live Analytics

After sending your newsletter, go to Mailjet’s powerful real-time analytics stats page to view the number of sent emails, opens, clicks, etc.

For a detailed explanation of the Email Statuses, please read: Email Statuses.


Send Emails via SMTP

As promised there is no coding required but there are a few account settings that need to be reviewed.

SMTP Credentials

To view the SMTP server details and your API & Secret Key credentials, please go to your SMTP Settings page.

For further information, please read:


By using our SMTP service, you can pass additional headers with your emails to tell us how to interpret them.

For further information: Emails Headers (X-headers).

Magic Lists

The ‘Magic Lists’ feature allows you to send emails via SMTP relay to a contact list that you have uploaded to Mailjet. Each contact list has a ‘Magic List’ email address. You simply send email to the ‘Magic List’ from your SMTP interface, and Mailjet will automatically send that email to all the recipients of that contact list.

For further information: Send to my Mailjet contact lists via SMTP.


Send & Integrate using Mailjet API

Our APIs grant access to all your account & data, but you can consider it for deeper integration in order to send your emails, for yourself or one of your customer in your own applications.

API Credentials & Sub-Accounts

Your API & Secret Key information can be found on the SMTP Settings page. Additional API Keys (sub-accounts) can be created on any paid plan.

FAQ: Creating additional API Keys
Learn more: How do sub-accounts help me

Send API

With the Send API, you can send transactional emails via simple POST requests. The Send API Guide contains information on getting started & code samples.

What's next?

By now, your first email should have been sent. Congrats!

You have only scratched the surface of the possibilities with Mailjet – please feel free to look at our full features list & documentation.

And if you have any questions or issues, please check out our FAQ or contact our Support Team. We are here to help!

Happy Sending!


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