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Email Personalization


What is email personalization?

The personalization feature allows you to tailor each email sent within a campaign to make your users feel unique and important. You can personally address each user and refer to their specific needs by using information they have provided you when they signed up for your newsletters. You can change and customize numerous values within your campaign text: first name, last name, salutation, email, gender, city, and so on. The sky is the new limit!

This is an example of a newsletter template that shows the level of customization you now have access to:

Hello [[name]],
For our special customers in [[city]], we are offering a special sale on [[sport]] equipment .

How does it work?

Mailjet’s amazing development team created a simple and easy-to-use product which provides great user experience. Here are the basics:

Create your contact list

When a new contact willingly chooses to subscribe to your emails (via a clear opt-in process on your website), they may enter some personal details such as their name, gender, city and so on.

You can then create a contact list to include these fields. Mailjet has an easy to follow process and intuitive interface for you to work with:

First, name your list. Then add your contacts. You can import your contact list details with any personal details (properties) you wish. Supported upload file formats include CSV, TXT and RTF. You don’t have a file? That’s okay! You can also copy & paste the details in the designated text box.

Match your properties

Once the contact list has been uploaded, you can now set the properties for each of the fields. The properties of each field include a name for the field and the data type (text, integer, ...). You can select from previously created properties (first name, last name, age, …) or you can create new properties to match your new list.

Please note it is not mandatory to match each field from the list to a property, but it is beneficial if you did. Once you have set all your fields, your new personalized contact list is ready to use!

Sending a personalized campaign

To use a personalized campaign with the new properties you have added, use the corresponding tags.

For additional technical details, please refer to our developer's section here, where you can find full technical documentation.

The personalization greatly complements Mailjet’s other new feature segmentation and together they make for an extremely powerful and highly customizable tool for a greater user experience.

Create your first Personalized Campaign

Create a contact list

Let's get started! Creating your personalized contact list is quick and easy:

1. Go to 'Contacts'

This is where all of your contact lists are stored and can be accessed from.

2. Select 'Create a contact list'


3. Agree to Mailjet's rules


We strongly believe in our rules and consider them to be the foundation of successful emailing.

4. Name your List

Select a name for the list that is relevant and can be easily distinguished from other contact lists you have. A good example would be:


5. Add your contacts

You can add contacts manually or by uploading a file. If you have a significant amount of contacts, we recommend uploading them via a file. Keep in mind that the better the file is structured, the fewer potential problems with synchronization and matching would appear afterwards.


6. Click ‘Create’ to continue.

You can find out more information on how to create a list and add contacts through Mailjet's API

Match your contact properties


1. Specify a contact property for the data fields you would like to personalize in your emails.

If this is the first contact list you are creating with your account, all fields except the emails will be unmatched. In order to fully experience the advantages of the personalization feature Mailjet recommends that you match all relevant data fields to new respective properties.

'Save and continue' when you are done matching all the fields.

What is a contact property?

A contact property is the attribute you assign to each field from your contact list. When you create a campaign afterwards you will be using these contact properties to personalize the emails you send to your contacts.

A property name can only be a single word and is not case sensitive.

Create a contact property

For each data field there is a dropdown menu where you can choose a contact property you want to match the field against. The list contains all previously created properties in addition to the option to create a new one. You can also ignore matching a specific field, which would be equal to having the data field considered nonexistent for this contact list.

1. Select '- Create new property' from the dropdown menu.


2. Give a name to the property.


3. Select the appropriate data type for the attribute. You can choose between:

String is used for any field that contains text.
Integer is used for round numbers, such as an ID or age.
Decimal can be used for fields containing numbers with a decimal point.
Boolean is a true/false (yes/no) field.


4. Select 'OK' to create the contact property and match it to the specified field. Repeat these steps until you have matched all the fields in your contact list.


You can additionally manage your contact properties from the Contacts page:


Personalize Your Content

Now that your contact properties are ready, let’s personalize some content.

When designing in Passport, you can customize your newsletter text and subject field by adding your contact properties.

Select the text frame where you want to display the personalized content. Then from the menu bar, click on 'Variables'.


Select the desired contact property.


Enter text in the ‘Default value’ box. If your contact does not have a value "firstname", the default text that will appear instead. Click ‘Insert’.



You can change the default text at any time by simply overwriting the text. :)

Happy Sending!

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