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Email Personalization


What is Email Personalization?

The personalization feature allows you to tailor each email sent within a campaign to make your users feel unique and important. You can personally address each user and refer to their specific needs by using information they have provided you when they signed up for your newsletters. You can change and customize numerous values within your campaign text: first name, last name, salutation, email, gender, city, and so on. The sky is the new limit!

This is an example of a newsletter template that shows the level of customization you now have access to:

Hi [[name]],
For our special customers in [[city]] , we are offering a special sale on [[sport]] equipment.

How does it work ? It’s very simple:

  • Create a contact list & match the contact properties
  • Personalize your content in Passport

Let's get started!

Create Your Contact List

Go to the 'Contacts' page and select 'Create a contact list'.


Select a name for the list that is relevant and can be easily distinguished from other contact lists you have. Then click ‘Manually paste contacts or upload a file’.


You can add contacts manually or by uploading a file. If you have a significant amount of contacts, we recommend uploading them via a file.

Check the ‘I certify that:’ checkbox, then click the ‘Save & Continue’ button.


Match Your Contact Properties

Once the contact list has been uploaded, you can now set the properties for each of the fields. You can select from previously created properties or you can create new properties to match your new list.


Click 'Save and continue' when you are done matching all the fields.


And your new personalized contact list is ready to use!

Personalize Your Content

Now that your contact properties are ready, let’s personalize some content.

When designing in Passport, you can customize your newsletter text and subject field by adding your contact properties.

Select the text frame where you want to display the personalized content. Then from the menu bar, click on 'Variables'.


Select the desired contact property.


Enter text in the ‘Default value’ box. If your contact does not have a value "firstname", the default text will appear instead. Click ‘Insert’.


And that’s it - you have finished personalizing your content.


You can change the default text at any time by simply overwriting the text. :)

Happy Sending!

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