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Creating And Sending Your Emails



In this quick start guide, you will learn how to create and send your first newsletter in a few minutes and track your campaign results.

Sender Address & Contact List

To send a campaign, you need to have a sender address and contact list ready:

Create Your Campaign

From the Campaigns page, click the ‘New campaign’ button.

Create and Send Your Emails

The Create a new campaign page shows the different sections of your campaign that need to be completed:

Create and Send Your Emails

  • 1) Campaign Name: This is an internal name for your campaign that only you see
  • 2) Language: Set the language of your campaign
  • 3) Subject: The subject of your campaign as it appears in your recipient's inbox
  • 4) From: Enter the name your recipients will see in the 'from' field, and the sending address
  • 5) Content: Design your content with Passport, our responsive email editor.
  • 6) Contact List: Select your contact list.

As you complete each section, the corresponding checkmark will become green.

To start designing your campaign, click 'Design email'. Pick a template from the gallery and then you are ready to design with Passport.

Create and Send Your Emails

Design & Send Your Campaign

Now the fun part - designing your campaign with Passport. Simply drag-and-drop content blocks into your campaign, and then click on a section to customize it. (For detailed information on all the Passport features, please read our Passport Guide.)

Create and Send Your Emails

You can preview your campaign on different devices, and send a test campaign to view how your campaign looks.

Create and Send Your Emails

Once you have completed your campaign design, click ‘Review & Send’.

Create and Send Your Emails

On the 'Create a new campaign' page, you can review your sections and make any necessary changes.

Once all sections are completed, you have the option to schedule your campaign up to 60 days in advance, or send it immediately.

Create and Send Your Emails

Congratulations on creating and sending your first campaign!


View Your Campaign Stats

Once you have sent your campaign, you can track your campaign stats (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc). From the Campaigns page, just click on the campaign name.

Create and Send Your Emails

View your campaign performance with our interactive graph.

Create and Send Your Emails

Click on the ‘Show me the reports’ button to view the list of emails, open & click analytics and export the results.

Create and Send Your Emails

Step-by-Step Guides:

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