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Mailjet and Codeigniter code sample

integration with Codeigniter's Email library

1) Configuration

Create a file in config/email.php and edit it :

$config['protocol'] = 'smtp';
$config['smtp_host'] = 'ssl://';
$config['smtp_port'] = '465';
$config['smtp_user'] = 'your_Mailjet_API_Key';
$config['smtp_pass'] = 'your_Mailjet_Secret_Key';
$config['charset'] = 'utf-8';
$config['mailtype'] = 'html';
$config['newline'] = "\r\n";

You have to edit only these configuration parameters :

- 'smtp_host' : ssl:// if you want use SSL secure mode, tls:// for TLS secure mode or for no encryption.
- 'smtp_port' : the port used to transport your emails (465, 587, 588, 25)
- 'smtp_user' : it's your API Key
- 'smtp_pass' : it's your Secret Key.

Others parameters must not be edited.

2) Use

In a controller :

$this->email->from('', 'You');
$this->email->subject('My first email by Mailjet');
$this->email->message('Hello from Mailjet & CodeIgniter !');

Do not forget to edit your sender address "from".

3) More