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Campaign Exclusion List



The Campaign Exclusion List is your own personal ‘Do Not Email’ List - any email addresses in this list will be automatically removed from your campaign sendings but will still receive all your transactional emails.

In this document, you will learn step-by-step how to setup and manage your Campaign Exclusion List.

Access your Campaign Exclusion List

To access your Campaign Exclusion List, go to your Contacts page, and click on 'Exclusion List'.

Here you can see all the currently excluded contacts, the last email activity date for each address, an action log, and the tools needed to manage the list.


Add Contacts to the Exclusion List

You can manually add contacts to your Exclusion List from any contact list, or you can upload a list of contacts directly to your exclusion list. 

  • From a Contact List Page
    From your Contacts Page, open an existing contact list. Hover your mouse over ‘Manage’ and click the last icon.

    Click on the confirmation message, and the email address is now part of the Exclusion List!

    You can also exclude a number of email addresses at once: select all the email addresses, then select Actions → Exclude from Campaigns.

  • Import via a file upload
    You can upload a list of email addresses which will be added directly to your Campaign Exclusion List.

    From the Campaign Exclusion List page, click ‘Manage Contacts’.

    You have two options at this step: copy & paste the email addresses into the input box, or upload a CSV, TXT or RTF file. Please note: only email addresses can be added to the Campaign Exclusion List; any other contact properties (name, city, etc) will be ignored during the import.

    When ready, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to start the import.

    And that’s it - the email addresses have been added to your exclusion list!


Remove Contacts from Exclusion List

You can remove addresses directly from the Exclusion List page or from the Contact List where that email address resides.

  • Exclusion List Page
    You can remove an individual address by hovering your mouse over ‘Manage’ and clicking on the ‘Re-include’ icon (curved arrow). Click on the confirmation message. The address will be removed from the list and will once again receive your campaigns.

    You can also remove many contacts at once: select the addresses then click on the ‘Re-include’ icon (curved arrow) beside the search bar.

  • Contact List Page
    Similar to adding contact addresses from a contact list, you can remove an individual contact by clicking the ‘Re-include’ icon:

    Or remove several addresses at a time:


Download the Exclusion List

You can export your Exclusion List by clicking on the Download button at the bottom of the Campaign Exclusion List page. You can download the list as a CSV file or a TAB Delimited File (compatible with Excel).

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As always, if you have any questions please open a ticket with our Support Team.

Happy Managing!


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