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Campaign Comparison



Trends move quickly these days and with that consumer behavior as well. Are your email campaigns keeping up? With Campaign Comparison, you’ll always be able to find the most appealing content to engage your customers ever changing tastes.

Our results page is packed with visual and quantitative data -everything you need to analyze and continuously optimize your campaigns.

How to Access Campaign Comparison

The ‘Compare Campaigns’ button can be found in several places:

On the Campaigns page,


And on a campaign’s details page.


Using Campaign Comparison

From your Campaigns page, click the ‘Compare Campaigns’ button.

A new pop-in window will appear, where you can select up to 10 campaigns to compare simultaneously.


Once you have selected all your campaigns, click the ‘Submit’ button to continue.


Campaign Comparison Results

The results are displayed in a graph and summary chart format to easily let you determine what part of your campaigns your customers responded positively to.

You can view the results in a few different formats on the graph. If you place your mouse at any point on the graph, a popup will appear showing the elapsed time at that point and KPIs for each campaign.

The graph results are updated for 7 days from when the first email was sent. After the 7 days, the results are no longer updated in the graph.

The data in the table shows the lifetime results for each metric of each campaign and is continuously updated. Both the percentage and actual figures are displayed for each metric, and you can sort by campaign name, date, or metric, by simply clicking the ‘arrows’ at the top of each respective column.


And that’s a wrap! You are now ready to compare and optimize your email campaigns – and on your way to higher opens and clicks.

Happy Comparing!


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