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A lot of documentation pages are at your disposal. With them, you will be able to use Mailjet in the best possible way.

Discovering Mailjet

  • How It works: The basics, find out what you need to know to begin.
  • Getting Started Guide: Start sending your emails through Mailjet in a few minutes.
  • SPF & DKIM Authentication: Set Mailjet as an authorized sender and improve deliverability by customizing your SPF & DKIM records.
  • Create And Send Your Emails: Step by step, discover how you can design and/or send your emails with Mailjet.
  • Passport: Discover our campaign design tool which allows you to easily create and send responsive campaigns.
  • Passport for Transactional Emails: Create responsive dynamic transactional templates quickly within in a powerful drag & drop editor
  • Email Personalization: Give your campaign a human touch, by addressing your recipients by name, or any information they provided to you.
  • Email Automation: Send a series of emails to your contact list based on a variety of triggers and improve your customer engagement.
  • Campaign Exclusion List: Create a global suppression list of recipients that you do not want to receive your campaigns.
  • Campaign Comparison: Compare campaign performances, create benchmarks, and leverage past campaigns to optimize your content.
  • Segmentation: Create and apply custom filters to your contact lists to target customers based on their demographics and behaviour.
  • A/X Testing: Test emails and compare up to 10 versions of your campaigns simultaneously.
  • Subscription Widget: Build your contact lists organically with a website registration form.
  • Manage your Contact lists: Learning how to create and manage your contact lists and subscribers.

Understanding Mailjet

  • Email Statuses: learn everything about the clicks, bounces, opens, spam, unsub., blocked, etc.
  • Different Types of Emails: what you need to know about the differences between a transactional and a marketing email.


Integrate to your tools via SMTP

Email softwares: use Mailjet with your favorite softwares. Integrate in a few minutes: only a few configuration steps are necessary, thanks to the SMTP Settings provided in your Account.

Plugins & Integrations

Use Mailjet in your favourite environments such as:

  • Google Cloud Platform
    Use Mailjet to send, track and deliver emails from within Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine.
    Get Plugin • Guide

  • Lightspeed
    Sync contacts and customer groups between your Lightspeed eCom, the Ecommerce Platform for Entrepreneurs, and Mailjet contact lists.
    Get Plugin • Guide (English, German, Dutch)

  • Microsoft Azure
    Use Mailjet to send, track and deliver emails from within Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform.
    Get PluginGuide

  • PrestaShop
    Create, send and track transactional and marketing emails from within your PrestaShop back-end. Features include advanced segmentation, triggered emails and revenue metrics per newsletter.
    Get PluginGuide

  • Segment App Connection
    Enrich your Mailjet contact lists with data from your favorite SaaS tools using Segment and/or send your Mailjet event data (opens, clicks, etc.) back to Segment for business intelligence superpowers. Segment connects with over 200+ SaaS tools.
    Get Plugin • Guide

  • Slack App Connection
    Connect Slack to any of your Mailjet accounts to receive immediate campaign sent notifications and stay up to date with your email marketing stats and insights.

  • Wordpress
    Not only sync contacts via a customisable widget but also create, send and track newsletters & transactional emails from within your WordPress Dashboard.
    Get PluginGuide

  • Zapier
    Use Mailjet “Zaps” to sync contacts between over 400+ apps and Mailjet, send triggered emails or even parse inbound replies using an easy drag-and-drop interface.  No coding required.
    Get PluginGuide

Check out the full list of over 80+ integrations on our Integrations Directory.

Looking to integrate Mailjet into your app or service as an OEM (i.e. whitelabel) solution?  Contact us about our Reseller Program and/or using the Mailjet iFrame API.

Programming frameworks and languages

› Use our libs or a few lines of code.

Servers on Linux or *BSD

› Follow our HOWTOs and step by step configuration tips.

Personalized SPF & DKIM

› Follow our step-by-step instructions to setup your SPF & DKIM records:

API & Headers

Email Headers and content modifiers

Please consult this page to modify your headers or this page for the content

Triggers & Event API

Mailjet is the perfect tool for total integration and you can find more information on our dedicated event API page.


Get data and report thanks to our powerful API.

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