Snipandshare increase email delivery speed by up to 30x

Snipandshare is an London based startup. It offers a Google Chrome extension allowing the users to snip pieces of content (“The best bits of the Web”), and then share them through email, social medias or instant messaging.

After testing a few email service providers, the Snipandshare team faced three big challenges: deliverability, delivery time and API integration.

In early 2015, Snipandshare started using Mailjet. They worked closely with our Developer Relations team, on a solution allowing Snipandshare to integrate Mailjet’s API. Thanks to this new structure, Snipandshare’s emails are sent 30 time faster.

A comprehensive and user-friendly API has helped us create a solid service offering using Mailjet’s email delivery engine, says Ripul Agarwal, co-founder of Snipandshare. Mailjet’s support team has gone above and beyond what we’ve experienced with previous providers.”