Case Study – Linxo

The use of email as a secured communication channel by Linxo

Linxo is a French company offering its users a real-time tracking all of their banking and financial operations on one dashboard. Users are notified via emails whenever an operation occurs, thanks to Mailjet.


Before the product launch, Linxo looked for a scalable, efficient and above all safe email service, since their application deals with banking information. Naturally, Linxo met with Mailjet to find a proper solution to address their needs.


Mailjet allowed Linxo to set quickly and simply a secured system to send their transactional emails, scaling with the growth of the company. In 2014, the number of Linxo users doubled. The same thing is expected for 2015. Despite the volume of emails sent grew, the deliverability of Linxo’s transactional emails stayed the same, each message being delivered safely in the inboxes of the recipients.


Bruno Van Haetsdaele, co-founder and CEO at Linxo is glad to have chosen Mailjet, the availability of the Mailjet’s Team and the efficiency of the service being a huge help for his business.


We choose to go with Mailjet in the first place because we knew it would easily scale to our needs. With Mailjet, we knew that the growth of the service and the management of the emailing infrastructure wouldn’t be a problem.
When we started sending huge volumes of emails, we have been able to easily increase the traffic while keeping an optimal quality of service. Mailjet understood our needs in terms of privacy and security. Because of all these factors, Mailjet is the email service we were looking for, that helps our business grow.”