Mailjet SMS is now on Zapier

Transactional SMS has over 98% of open rate. Mailjet transactional SMS service is now available on Zapier - no need to code, just activate your Zap.

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Yes, you heard us right. With Zapier’s help, you can now easily integrate Mailjet’s SMS.

If you already tried the transactional SMS option of Mailjet, you know how easy it is to use. Now, it’s a piece of cake to send SMS to your customers for two factor authentication, order confirmations, booking numbers and any other transactional purpose you can think of.

What is Zapier?

Let me throw a scenario at you. Say you wanted to create a new line in a spreadsheet every time someone contacts you through your website with the information of their request. You’re thinking you’ll have to download the information manually, copy it and then paste it… Every. Single. Time.

We feel your pain, but worry not, Zapier will make this a whole lot easier for you.

Simply put, Zapier is a tool that connects and automates most of the apps you use, like Mailjet, WordPress, Gmail, Zoho, Trello, and hundreds more. And the best thing? You don’t need any coding to do this! If you’ve ever used IFTTT (If This Then That), it’s very similar, but Zapier lets you string multiple actions together to build multi-step zap workflows. Think of it like, “if this, then that and that and that and that.”

You can have Zapier automatically repeat tasks you would normally do yourself in your different apps. You can create a “Zap” that connects two or more apps so they can talk to each other without you even entering the conversation. It allows you to connect apps that don’t normally communicate AND automate tasks between them.

Let’s say that you have one employee who only speaks English (let’s call him Mailjet) and another who only speaks French (we’ll call him BigCommerce). Normally, Mailjet and BigCommerce wouldn’t be able to speak to each other because those two languages are so different. But because Zapier speaks API, it will act as the translator between them and make the communication possible.

And what is API you might ask? API is the universal language of all programs, and with its help, Mailjet and BigCommerce can talk to each other.

Within a Zap, there are Triggers and Actions. If a Zap functions on a cause and effect model, the cause would be your trigger, and the effect is the action. Here’s an example: imagine you have a new order in Shopify. This would be the cause (trigger) for the effect (action) of sending an email with the tracking details using Mailjet. Automated data flow –it’s a beautiful thing, right?

Mailjet’s transactional SMS

The average open rate for transactional SMS is 98%, making it one of the more powerful ways to reach your contacts. With Mailjet, you can now easily create and send personalized transactional SMS messages to your customers in more than 60 countries. I’m sure you can see why we introduced our SMS solution.

Everytime we are creating an API feature, we are sure to take two things into consideration for our users: how useful is it, and how easy is it to implement.

We already said why this is useful, and exactly how useful it is (98% open rate!). We are also happy to tell you that it is pretty easy to use our SMS API, allowing you to send SMS messages all around the world with only a few lines of code!

Right now, we only support transactional SMS, such as booking confirmation, subscribing or making a purchase. Just like transactional emails, transactional SMS messages are triggered by an action on behalf of the customer. For example, if you are running a travel agency, you can easily send booking confirmations per SMS too.

To send SMS messages with Mailjet, you need two things – funds in your SMS wallet and a Bearer token to authenticate your requests.

To find out how to do this, check out our guide for SMS.

Mailjet & Zapier

At this point, you may be wondering how Mailjet and Zapier fit together. We’ve got that question covered.

The Mailjet x Zapier integration allows Mailjet clients to extend the reach of their Mailjet account to their favorite apps. You can start transferring data back and forth between your Mailjet account to various third party SaaS applications. With our integration, you can easily send emails and SMS through Zapier. Let’s start with the SMS option.

Sending SMS

With the new "Send SMS" Action in Zapier you can easily integrate Mailjet's SMS API. Connect your platform (e-commerce, CRM, or other) to Mailjet and automatically send transactional SMS messages when an event occurs.

When someone buys something from your online store, you can send them the order confirmation and the tracking number via SMS, so they can easily check it on their phones any time they need. Ingenious, right?

And the cherry on top: the set up is really easy! You can see how to create and manage your SMS Zaps in our detailed guide.

Sending email

But what about when it comes to sending for marketing purposes? Well, then you will still have to send an email. With our amazing responsive email builder Passport, you can create beautiful emails with very little hassle on your part.

You can take advantage of the services that Mailjet offers, such as Template Language, Dedicated IPs and others. Then, you can automate your tasks using our Zaper integration. Send them a welcome email, or maybe shoot off some emails for new offers that could interest your clients, then track open and click data. You can analyze the data with more than 1,500 tools that will make your work so much easier for you.

Summing up

SMS is the perfect option to address your customers with information about their orders, and it can even be combined perfectly with your marketing emails. Mailjet gives you access to features that can help you improve your deliverability, boosting your customer engagement. Your customers will love to have their order information in front of their eyes as soon as they click purchase

Zapier can also help you easily integrate with your own tools and applications. Check out the Mailjet integrations you can use through Zapier here.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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