Tyler Nappy


Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to team Node WiPi from HackCC this past weekend.  Not only did they win Mailjet’s API prize, but they also took home the gold for the overall competition.


WiPi changing up The Internet of Things at HackCC1

Node WiPi, inspired by one of the team member’s brother’s basement flood incident,, is an inexpensive sensor monitor (moisture, light, heat, etc) for  the home.
Using an array of Arduinos, sensors, a handful of inexpensive radio sensors, and their computer as a server, they were able to rig up a network of monitoring stations that would record pertinent data around the clock.  Home owners can then, utilizing Mailjet’s Parse API, send an email to the system to check the status of different sensors.  Upon receiving the email, the system, utilizing Mailjet’s Send API, sends an email reply detailing the status of each sensor (check out an example below).  The cool part here is that each box changes color depending on its status.

WiPi changing up The Internet of Things at HackCC2

WiPi is an excellent addition to the Internet Of Things.  I’m excited to see more projects like this at future hackathons. I’ll be sure, as should most of you, to be on the lookout for updates to come from WiPi on this project!
In the meantime, check out some of their project on github.


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