Michyl Culos


We’ve got a special gift for you, just in time for the holidays: a fancy new Mailjet subscription widget for your WordPress website.

You probably know that email personalization and segmentation is key to a great marketing strategy. But, to do that, you need more information about your customers than just a simple email address. Which is exactly why we created this new WordPress subscription widget.

All about the widget

As of today, you can download the latest version of our WordPress plugin which includes our revamped (double opt-in) subscription widget. This new subscription widget not only allows you to collect visitors’ email addresses, but also up to three additional information fields. Choose from our list of predefined categories (first name, last name, country, etc.) or create your very own (shoe size, cat’s name…whatever makes sense for your business!).

Here’s a quick preview of what the final result could look like on your website. Purrrfect, right?

Blog Article Image EN

And the icing on the cake? You can now also take advantage of these advanced customization features via the new subscription widget:

  • Customize error messages that appear when someone makes a mistake on your newsletter subscription form.
  • Personalize the confirmation email people receive when they sign up for your newsletter.

What to re-meow-mber

Tailored confirmation emails such as “Hey fellow cat lover! Click confirm below to be officially subscribed to Cool Cat & Co’s newsletter!” go a long way when encouraging people to opt-in to your newsletter.

Hop on over here to download the new Mailjet WordPress plugin that includes the new subscription widget. We’ve also put together a handy set of tips on personalization and segmentation that can give your subscription opt-ins a boost.

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