Michyl Culos


What made your team get started on Slack? Was it to give your inbox some breathing room from long email threads? Collaborate faster with teammates in other departments or countries? Use the /giphy command? Whatever the reason, the outcome is usually the same: you’re now spending a lot of time within Slack.

Slack x Mailjet: your new favorite integration

OK, so what does this have to do with me sending email marketing?

From the moment you press Send on a marketing email, the subsequent chain of events is essentially the same for everyone: wait roughly 24 hours to log back into Mailjet and see the full statistics on how your campaign did. Sure, logging back into Mailjet and seeing your stats is easy (nod to our UX team). What’s inconvenient and unproductive, though, is breaking your work rhythm to:

  1. Remember to systematically check back in 24 hours after sending.
  2. Exit your current task and re-sign into Mailjet.
  3. Manually compare whether your latest campaign performed better ?  or worse ?  than the previous one.

This is when it dawned on us. If you (just like us) are already heads down in Slack, then why not bring the insights directly to you there?

Intriguing! Tell me what the Slack x Mailjet integration is all about.

With the new Slack x Mailjet integration, we bring the key statistics about your latest email marketing campaign directly to you. Without even leaving Slack, you’ll immediately know whether your last campaign was a success or not, and be prepared to take action.

Let’s dive into the details:

First: Email Sent Confirmation


The moment you press Send on your email marketing campaign within Mailjet, you’ll receive a confirmation in Slack letting you know that it was sent and reminding you that in 24 hours, we’ll be back with your campaign performance statistics. This notification will include the name of your campaign, the name of the contact list you sent it too, plus a link back to your full statistics dashboard (for those of you who just can’t wait 24 hours).

Second: Campaign Performance Statistics


From here, things get especially interesting. Without any action needed on your part, you’ll receive your most important campaign statistics directly within the Slack channel of your choice exactly 24 hours after you sent your campaign:

  • # People who opened your email
  • % People who opened your email
  • # People who clicked within your email
  • % People who clicked within your email

What we realized, though, was that you need more than just notifications. You need insights into whether your latest campaign performed better or worse than the previous one, indicated by the percentage changes on the right and corresponding color bars on the left (red for a negative % change, green for positive or no % change). Goodbye Mac calculator. You no longer need to pull up the stats for your current and previous newsletter campaigns together and then manually calculate your results. Our App does the heavy lifting so that you can instantly say “Wow, I did something very right wrong, so here’s what I need to do next.

More Visibility, More Creativity


As we beta-tested the integration, we realized that there were other benefits to the Slack x Mailjet integration that we hadn’t anticipated. First, Mailjet notifications can be shared to an individual Slack channel or a group channel. A preference started for notifications to be pushed into group channels to give other departments visibility on what was happening within the company from an email marketing perspective. But, more interestingly, when the email campaign results arrived, group conversations continuously got sparked encouraging the email campaign sender and offering advice and ideas for next time! One marketing mind suddenly became 20.

Getting started, in literally four clicks

You can connect one or infinity Mailjet accounts to Slack, and it takes literally four clicks total. The full user guide is here, but to give you an overview, it’s as simple as clicking here to access the App Connections page within your account > Pressing Configure > Selecting the Email Account (API Key) that you want to receive notifications about > Choosing the Slack Team & Channel where your notifications should be sent. Boom.

Slack 4

?  Love it! Anything else I need to know?

A few final precisions about the integration. The first iteration currently works exclusively with email marketing campaigns that are sent immediately. Extending the integration to include scheduled, segmented or A/X tested campaigns will be part of a future version. Now that we’ve started with Slack, we don’t plan to stop. Stay tuned for other enhanced Slack x Mailjet features destined to bring you even more insights, directly within your favourite platforms.

Questions? Comments? Feedback on the Slack x Mailjet integration? Don’t hesitate to ping us at partners@mailjet.com