Thomas Hajdukowicz


Today, responsiveness is a necessity when it comes to web and email design. It’s simple: mobility is the leading trend. In 2015, 51% of the users prefered mobile devices to the standard computers for their digital activities. When focusing on email only, note that 53% of the emails are now opened on mobile. Not to integrate responsiveness as a key element of the UX is the guarantee to lose up to half of your prospects.

Knowing that is fine. But, in the end, what is a proper responsive email? As a regular reader of Mailjet’s blog, you know what not to do. To recap everything we’ve preached about responsive email design, we’ve dissected one particularly good responsive email to show you which wins you should keep in mind when creating your own responsive message.

About the company: Courrier International is a French weekly, analyzing information through the foreign press. It offers its subscribers a daily newsletter summerising the big topics of the day as they’ve been covered around the world.

You might not immediatly see a big difference between the two emails. So let’s go through it and show why this is a good responsive newsletter.

InfogResponsive (1)

It’s all about the details. A good responsive design can be easily achieved thanks to tools like Passport. But if you go for a few extra miles, you’ll go from good to great, and offer your readers a better emailing experience, making a good impression.