Mailjet Team


Some time ago, we released MJML, the only framework that makes responsive emails easy.

The tool, that came with a command line interface, a Node.js library and a try-it-live page on its official website, received a lots of love from the email community on Reddit, Product Hunt and Github and still continues to grow up with new features in each release.

Because we want to make MJML easy to use for everyone, we decided to launch a local editor, so even non-developers can use MJML on their computer.

The MJML app comes with a list of templates ready to use in a single click and a customizable live editor for you to play around with and manage your transactional and marketing emails. It is free to download and available for OSX, Linux and Windows.



With the MJML app, your email workflow will improve dramatically.

The app comes with a gallery of templates that you are free to use, or you can create new ones from scratch and save them for future uses. Once you’re happy with your template, you can also export it as a Github Gist. If you want to see what the email looks like in your inbox, you can send a test directly from the app, leveraging the Mailjet API.


The editor is blazingly fast and mirrors your changes as you type, to automatically update the live preview on the right.

The icing on the cake is that, because it runs locally, the app even works when you’re offline! Email coding has never been so easy and fun.

Open source

MJML App is also an open source project, and all contributions are welcomed! It is a great project for you to join the open source community.

If you want to add any new features, feel free to create a pull request. If it doesn’t break anything, it will be merged in most cases!

You can’t wait to try it, we know. Head over here and check it out, once you’ve tried the MJML app you won’t want to code anywhere else.