Beatriz Redondo Tejedor

// Head of Content

At Mailjet, we don’t do settling. Settling is to Mailjet what kryptonite is to Superman. If we’re too close to settling, it’ll kill us slowly.

That’s why at Mailjet we’re always aiming for bigger and better things. Recently, Mailjet took flight at one of the world’s most popular digital marketing events, the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference (we’ll refer to it as Gartner DMC from here on out), which took place in San Diego between the 17th and 19th May. It was a great opportunity for us to join the big boys in the industry, learn about the latest trends, share our knowledge and introduce our product to all the attendees.

So, what did we learn at Gartner 2016?

The Gartner DMC is an opportunity for industry leaders to get together and discuss the latest news, trends and innovations shaping the digital marketing landscape. During the event, marketers get together to talk about the hot topics, attend sessions and mingle with like-minded professionals to get the best insight on what’s on and what’s coming.

Now, on its second year, the big theme of 2016 was Data and how we should make sense of it to use it actionably. As marketers, we collect lots of personal and behavioral information about our clients and prospects but, how smart are we about using it?

Just as it happens with everything digital, the amount of information is creating an excess of noise and it’s making it really challenging to actually use it to our advantage. Marketers have data paralysis. With so many tools on the digital marketing landscape, the temptation is to accumulate data, but few know how to actually make sense of it. Smart Data is about putting all of that information to good use, to drive marketing efforts and generate sales leads. The future, it seems, will bring easier ways to analyze and manage data and to set smart goals based on it.

Customer experience was also at the center of many conversations. At the end of the day, everything we do as marketers is targeted at the customer and providing a well-rounded experience that answers to their every need is at the core of our daily job. Automation is an imperative tool to ease our workload and we can ensure that personalizing our customer journey, tailored to our customers individual needs, does not become every digital marketer’s nightmare.


And what did Mailjet make of the experience?

We were sure Mailjet was going to have a safe flight at the Gartner DMC, what we hadn’t guessed was how excited people were going to be to learn more about Passport, our easy-to-use drag and drop editor that makes designing responsive emails simple. Being able to create beautiful transactional templates without having to get the IT team involved really got people’s attention, including our friends at Ford Mexico.

And since Gartner 2016 was all about data, we had the opportunity to share our insights, show people what we do at Mailjet and tip professionals off about the great ways to use statistics and our customers information in a smarter, more engaging way with our platform.

However, it was not all about showing off our platform. As with all of these events, the most exciting part about of Gartner DMC was being a part of it all, enjoying some great energy during the three days, and actually chatting with and learning from everyone that dropped by booth 413!

Were you there? Have you attended a similar event recently? What did you get out of it? Tweet us about it and tell us what you thought and what you learned!