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Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with our very own Thomas Hajdukowicz of the Inbound Marketing team. Thomas is based in the Paris HQ – you might recognize his name from previous blog posts or his face if you were recently at Ecommerce Salon! Thomas gives us a sneak peek behind content creation and event planning at Mailjet.

What do you do for Mailjet?

Hi all! My name is Thomas. I’m an Inbound Marketer at Mailjet since December 2013. Like the other members of the marketing team (I have coworkers in Berlin and New York), I work on relevant content to be shared with our users (blog posts, printed handouts…) within the Mailjet team. Some of my other responsibilities include social networks management and events organization.

What does a typical day look like for you?

The first thing I do when I get into the office is check emails I received over the night (thank you, time difference) and launch my apps: Mention, Tweetdeck, Google Drive and Google Calendar. I also review my to-do list while sipping on a cup of coffee. Then the day can really start!

I’ll also agree with David saying that no two days are the same! One day, I can be focused on gathering content to create FAQs, the other I’ll be writing a new blog post, video scripts, or something else about a new email trend. Hey, some other times, I might even be getting interviewed for Mailjet Monday! That’s one of my favorite things about working here: the eclecticism and versatility of our team.

Mailjet Monday- Thomas Hajdukowicz1

Tell us about your favorite Mailjet moment.

An obvious choice would be our team building trip in the Samoëns, where we spent three days with the rest of our global team from New York, Berlin and more. More recently, in September, we sponsored the Salon Ecommerce Paris, which was a fantastic experience. Not only was it great to see the ideas we worked out for the few months prior come to life (booth, swag, promotional handouts), but also it was awesome to see the whole Mailjet team in action; the hustle and synergy between sales, marketing and developer teams. And it paid off – considering the many cool people we met and relationships we built!

But most of all, besides these bigger moments, it’s the smaller daily experiences like someone launching a nerf war in the office and a call-to-arms to get banh-mi for lunch that really makes my experience at Mailjet. Because, let’s be honest, banh-mi is awesome.

Mailjet Monday- Thomas Hajdukowicz2

Favorite marketing apps/organization apps (like Dropbox/Canva, Boomerang etc)?

I’m a huge supporter of Google Drive and Google Docs. It makes it so much easier for us to create together while being located in different countries. It’s really cool to see us editing live in the same document.

What’s on the radar for Mailjet in the next few months?

A lot of exciting things are coming! First, you might have noticed that we’ve launched new ecommerce blog post series about email strategy during the holiday season (#MailjetHolidays).You can consider it an “Email 101 class for ecommerce retailers”. Take note of these tips from our series and see you email ROI significantly increase during this promotion-heavy time of year!

Last but definitely not least, by the end of October/beginning of November, we’re going to host ecommerce related Mailjet events in New York, Paris, London and Berlin! So stay tuned, there’s more coming soon.

Thanks for the interview, Thomas!

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