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Mailjet Monday- Natacha Pradere

London-based college student Natacha Pradere recently flew 3,459 miles to join our growing New York team as a Summer Intern. Currently an Architecture student at the Architectural Association, Natacha also has a personal interest in Engineering and is using a combination of these two passions during her time at Mailjet. We sat down with her this week to catch up about her first few weeks and upcoming projects.

What are you currently doing at Mailjet?

It’s been a great first few weeks at Mailjet. From the start, I jumped right in to contribute to a number of projects and sat in on meetings to learn about where our product and our business is headed.

Right now I’m supporting the Developer Relations and Marketing teams on some hackathoninitiatives and a neat social media contest you’ll see coming out in a few weeks. I’ve learned about a number of vibrant tech-startup hubs in the US while researching Hackathon locations. The best part is when I get to apply my learnings from Uni. I’ve been working on a few smaller web design projects, using my design experience from Architecture school to draw on Adobe Illustrator and picking up Ruby through Codeacademy to build a hardware project!

What is one thing that you’ve learned about email that you think everyone should know?

I think it’s fair to say that before joining Mailjet, I didn’t realize the full scope and potential of email. I send and receive email on a daily basis, as both a consumer and a student, but there’s so much more that goes into email strategy as a business. Mailjet tools help businesses innovate a form of communication that’s been around for ages. Email campaigns going out to a list of 25,000 customers can be customized and analyzed with just a click.

Mailjet Monday- Natacha Pradere2

Favorite New York Moment so far?

It’s crazy to think that I only landed at Newark airport a few weeks ago. I already feel so accustomed to the culture and way of life here. Still, New York constantly surprises me with stunning views, friendly strangers and the sudden bursts of art you encounter walking through the streets. I love that New York is such a vibrant, busy city but also has smaller corners where you can go to escape the rush. One of my favorite spots is the path along the Hudson River; on a sunny day, you’ll see people running, walking and roller skating to the view. I went for a run there last week and was so glad to unwind to such a fantastic sight! The moment was topped off with a delicious New York hot dog!

What advice do you have for other students who are looking to get involved in the startup world?

I would advise them to build a diverse range of experiences, from travelling the world to small summer jobs to interning with a company. Any of these can act as a catalyst to developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork and thinking out of the box.

These skills are especially helpful in the startup environment where there’s more accountability and it’s constantly fast-paced. For this reason, I recommend everyone to try new experiences. It will help you in your later years. Not to mention that you’ll build a wide network along the way, a key element to any profession.