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Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with Judy Boniface, CMO of Mailjet. Over the past few months, Judy oversaw the rollout of our product update (with features including A/x testing, campaign comparison), the redesign of our website and has quickly picked up speaking almost fluent French. Prior to Mailjet, Judy worked with social enterprise and tech start-ups in West Africa for two years on strategies and operations.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts on the train. I star important emails during my morning commute – any email I can’t respond in less than 30 seconds will wait until I get back into the office. When I do arrive at the office, only a few hours of the day are spent at my desk. I review acquisition figures from the day before, urgent requests that came in over the night, the remainder of my emails and then head off to the phone booth.

Most of my days are spent in the phone booth since I manage a pretty international team. We have offices in New York, Berlin, London, Canada… the list goes on. Being international expands our skill sets and talent pool. It also gives us the edge of being global minded, being able to better relate to our customers at a local level.

Tell us about your favorite Mailjet moment.

It’s less of a moment and more of a tradition. We always kick off our weekly marketing team meetings with a funny Youtube video. It’s important to take 5 minutes out of your day to just have a good laugh, unwind and clear the mind. These videos have helped us a lot in busier weeks and act as creative inspiration before our brainstorm sessions.

What are some of your favorite marketing apps/organization apps?

I read TechCrunch religiously to keep up to date on latest products and apps. Another tool I heavily rely on is Boomerang. I can “boomerang” emails to reappear in my inbox at a later time when I can dedicate more time to answering, or I can schedule my email to send according to the time zone of another office.

Mailjet Monday- Judy Boniface

What’s on the radar for Mailjet in the next few months?

World domination. Haha! More seriously, we’re aiming towards improving engagement with our customers through various channels. We’ll be growing externally in that sense and also looking to grow internally – growing skills within the team and looking for talent to complement the skillsets we already have at Mailjet.

As mentioned earlier, we’re a truly international company and our growth trajectory is different than most traditional paths. We started off with many small offices across the globe at an early stage and international input has fueled and shaped our growth. I’m really looking forward to seeing this model continue to expand over the next year.

Where do you see email going in the next few years?

Email will be ultra-personalized in the next few years. With all the services and products that we sign up for, email is a source of identity. There is a variety of information tied to our email address and this will be leveraged by brand and product makers to better understand what your needs are and what type of communication will speak best to you. The more we interact online, the smarter email will become over the next few years.

Thanks for the interview, Judy!

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